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I need advice about winter skin?

Asked by stingray333 (22points) February 21st, 2010

My face has gotten very dry lately, due to this winter weather. I was just wondering if anyone had any face creams that really help to banish dry spots. I’ve been looking for a cream that will not make me break out, due to my prior reaction to face lotions. Maybe one that will fight acne along with moisturizing my skin. If anyone has any good products please let me know where I could get them!

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I like to use lubriderm, fragrance free because I also have poor reactions to creams, join the club my friend

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I have a disorder called Sjogren’s Syndrome, which cause extreme dryness (that gets worse in the Winter)

Find an oil/fragrance free lotion and don’t use the same type of lotion you use on your hands/body. I have a few different types of facial lotions. My daytime lotions are by Dove and Biore. I also use a night cream by L’Oreal. It’s best to wear a daytime moisturizer that has sunblock in it.

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I use aloe vera gel, its natural,mild,non-comedogenic,and firms,good for very sensitive skin.

it even doubles as a soft-hold hair gel (also controls frizz)

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What kind of L’Oreal daytime cream is it LunaChick?

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The L’Oreal cream I use is Nutrissime.

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I get really dry skin during the winter months. I find that Eucerin Gentle Hydrating Cleanser works well-especially for those who have sensitive skin. I also use Eucerin moisturizing creams both day and night. My skin this winter is a lot better than last winter. Good luck!

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The acne makes it a little more complicated but one important thing with dry skin is not to put it directly on dry skin! By that I mean put your moisturizer one right after you wash your face or get out of the shower because the moisturizer helps seal in that moisture (water) that’s already in your skin from the wash or the shower. There are also some sprays that will help keep your skin hydrated. This is what I use Twin Labs NaPCA, though I use the version without aloe in it because the aloe makes my skin feel a little gunky. You can get it in most health food/vitamin stores and you can use it on your hair too, to keep it from drying out.

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I’ve read that sunblock creams are good acne controllers.

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I agree with @babygalll that Eucerin is a very good product, it is recommended by dermatologists, has kind of a neutral medical smell. If you can afford it Chanel makes amazing face creams. If you are male, you may feel more comfortable using Clinique or Aramis treatment products I highly recommend exfoliating twice a week and some sort of hydrating face mask following exfoliating (make sure it is not a mud mask).

My husband really likes Ahava products.

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I use a moisturizer called Complex 15 and it’s fabulous. I have very sensitive skin that’s both acne-prone and that gets dry and flaky during the winter. It doesn’t have any acne-fighting elements, but it won’t clog your pores. It’s good to use alongside an acne treatment cream as they can often dry out your skin.

It’s a bit on the expensive side, but it lasts for a long time, so it’s totally worth it IMHO.

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eucerin is great!! neutragena (that doesn’t look like it’s spelled correctly) is what my dermatologist friend always recommends. for extremely dry skin (my daughter’s skin cracks and bleeds) i use neutragena’s norwegian formula. it’s almost oily, but not greasy (weird, i know). it works like a charm. use it at night after your shower and cleansed well, then druing the day use your best day moisturizer.

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I will recommend you for winter skin ponds cold cream.

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Eucerine has a really good face wash (Eucerine Hydrating Cleanser) that I use in the winter. I use this facewash in the winter as it helped with my dry skin. Swtching my cream didn’t help alone, but the face wash did. Since I have been using it my skin has been better. Oil of Olay has a good line. You just have to find the mix that works for you.

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