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Do any of you ever feel hungry after putting away a big ol' plate of pasta?

Asked by Nullo (21944points) February 21st, 2010

I’ve found that whenever I eat pasta (by itself, it seems), I feel something awfully like hunger afterwards, though I obviously can’t be hungry.

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Not any more. I can remember feeling that, though. Now if I get hungry I just munch on a helpless fetus that I forced a grandmother to abort.

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Just happened to me today. I had another one. But I imagine it depends on your weight etc. as everyone is different – especially their metabolism. For me, it’s like any other junk food – I eat it – then get hungry again right away. By the way, I am not overweight.

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@dpworkin Bitter, are we?

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tender and delicious

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It happens with Chinese food every damn time.

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Usually not. Add garlic bread with the pasta, it will fill you up even more.

Beware the can sessions though, gaha.

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@dpworkin Do you prefer them with sour cream and chives or a teriyaki sauce?

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eww. i’m jewish

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so, are they milchig or fleishig?

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pasta is like chips… I can always have more.. but eventually my stomach hurts

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Mhm… I’m always like, “I can fit more in my tummy, can’t I?”

Maybe this feeling is influenced by the knowledge that the pasta will never be as good reheated as it was when it was first made. Except lasagna. That stuff is always good. * drool *

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@janbb Fetuses are, of course, fleishik.

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So the sour cream and chives idea is out.

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I think that it depends on the sauce. The pasta that I was writing about was as good cold as it was hot.
I strongly recommend this sauce.

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No, never. I am full for hours after a plate of psketti!

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No, I just eat a plate of sausage and onions for desert, and that does it.

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There are some foods, usually pre-packaged, that will make me hungry afterwards. My thought is this has more to do with the MSG and other additives it contains (just like Chinese food) than with what kind of food it is. Pasta does seems like a frequent culprit though, now that you mention it specifically…

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