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I come into contact with young adults and teens on line and they take things Very literally, is it just my impression?

Asked by 12_func_multi_tool (803points) February 23rd, 2010

Usually when I’m on another Q&A site I’ll come across some teens or even young adults and they are very intelligent and amazingly creative. The one thing I notice often is that they seem to take things very, very literally. Are they just messing with me? Am I just old? Or, is my impression correct?

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I’m curious to hear an example of this. I’m a young adult (18) and I’ve been on Q&A sites since I was 14 and I have been accused of taking things “too literally” before. But I can’t seem to come up with an example. :) What’s an example that you’ve seen of this?

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Well…it may be a combination of those things.

I would just try to post whatever I wanted to say as clearly as possible.

(I’d like to see an example, too.)

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Don’t sweat the petty things. Just pet the sweaty things. ;) 

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ooooooo…good answer, @Axemusica!

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I’m guessing these people who are taking you so literally, know what you are really saying.
It is much easier to be immature in a debate or conversation, than to be mature and logical. I am often immature ; )

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no it’s just messing around @DominicX I can’t give you concrete examples ‘cause I can’t remember and besides the nature of the exchange itself almost defies empirical explanation. Like I said it’s just fooling around mostly which is the appeal to me. If I wanted bickering I can talk to any jackass on the street, choosing from any subject. if I wanted debate I’ll go back to school or do it in person.

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I noticed a few teens literally chipping away at the ice of an igloo recently. They had just met.

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Is it just me or does every other person in the US have a severe mental problem?

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@12_func_multi_tool I really hope you are kidding

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Being a 16 year old young teen, I know for certain that teens make a hell lot of jokes and a rather large percentage of them involves uhhh never mind lol. And unless teens like joking then three of myfriends would be married hahaha.

Anyways, fluther-like Q&A sites, with its sizeable adult population, has that get-all-serious-little-boy air in it so yeah naturally that joking atmosphere goes away haha

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just came across an example, not one that I would like to choose. It sort of deals about what you are saying frigate. At first they will ask why we make jokes about serious things, and then go about making the same said jokes. It’s like they don’t see the connection. It’s not hypocrisy but something else.
No I’m not kidding, I don’t want to get into it, if you are talking about me not wanting anymore strife in my life. I know some absolutely thrive on the stuff. I’m open to different ideas and will discuss them, but in due time and my terms.

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@12_func_multi_tool I just want to make sure I understand you correctly.
You said “Is it just me or does every other person in the US have a severe mental problem?”, and I ask if you were kidding, and you said “No I’m not kidding, I don’t want to get into it, if you are talking about me not wanting anymore strife in my life.”
And, why did you say: “Is it just me or does every other person in the US have a severe mental problem?”

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It might be that younger people make more use of emoticons to point out that something is not serious, and as a result might be more prone to thinking a sentence without an emoticon is meant to be serious when it’s not.

Plus, sarcasm, irony and the like are hard to get in written language anyway.

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violet I was just commenting on what I thought was a very strange answer from zen again. maybe I missed something. So I wasn’t calling anyone mentally deficient, I meant very strange. and I’ve met some strange people. I find the internet attractive but at the same time too removed. I’d rather drop something than try to convince someone of my position. Sure I could spend time creating a plausible argument and sometimes I learn but in a fruitless effort to conform someone is not me. I’m no one, sometimes I use words that I cannot define, I just write them ‘cause I like to play with them in my mind. If I could get more positive feedback thru the post of another maybe I’d like it better, that I have contributed something. OK thanks for letting me attempt to explain.

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@12_func_multi_tool thank you for explaining..

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You said it yourself…“amazing creative” to me often means amazingly mischievous”.

The internet is the modern day party line and I remember all the fun we had as kids messing people!

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@12_func_multi_tool: Yes we do. It’s all dat McDonalds and Taco Bell and what not. We is all jacked up in da mofo’n cabeza holmes!!!

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Hmmm if thatz the case then i got no idea. On facebook we make jokes like changing our status so that A is married with B and we all know thaz not true. Teens also make a significant amount of suggestive jokes too (wait parents dont pick on your children’s PCs c’mon…)

But those teens I got no idea. Maybe they are the serious group or somethin…got no idea. Anyways, cheers for Fluther.

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Don’t stereotype all teens to be this way, I am assuming the ones that dare go to sites like these take things more seriously than the general adolescent.

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@ChaosCross Isn’t that also a type of stereotype? The general adolescent can be serious too…

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Kids and young adults are just far more intense than older folks…..don’t you remember being so intense and so certain of your thoughts and beliefs? Maturity mellows that…..

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@Val123 mumble mumble mumble I wanna be intense waaaa

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I don’t know about you guys but is anyone else alarmed that a multitool is sentient? sarcasm implied

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@DominicX I couldn’t come up with it last night sorry, I was looking for a real life example which of course I just overlook. It’s that I’m understood when very sarcastic but usually not when being ironic or put satire into a question or answer. Beleive me I take things seriously but sometimes those devices are called for. Is that a good enough example?

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all makes sense, I’m just old and removed. but really try being removed it has numerous benefits!

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I don’t consider myself to take anything seriously or literally on this site. I think I’m an outlier.

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With so many possible purposes for any post, I think that is best. I admit I’m addicted but all I have to do is click shut down and all problems vanish. I hope I do retain the different viewpoints, that is what I like best. It’s like a wonderful road trip. Some of it is disturbing but it’s well worth it.

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Perhaps people have more trouble communicating online because there are no facial or vocal cues to indicate if someone is joking. And young people in general are still developing their social skills, so that may be why more teens take things too seriously.

Oh, wait, this wasn’t a serious question? D’oh!

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