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Any ideas on how to get rid of the Antivirus Soft trojan?

Asked by Rarebear (25154points) February 23rd, 2010

All of a sudden my computer is taken over with this program claiming to be an antivirus, but it locks up every process and demands that I buy the software. I’m gullible, but not that gullible. A quick search confirms that it’s a malicious trojan, but I’m having trouble getting rid of it. I went to this page
and followed the instructions, and it didn’t work. Then I ran the Windows Malicious Tools Removal progam. That didn’t work. I have a couple of other tricks that I can try, but I’m wondering if there is other collective wisdom out there. Right now I’m running in safe mode.

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Thanks. I’ll stick it on the list.

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AVG is also pretty good.

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Was this Adware: Rogue Security Products?

If so I easily removed it with webroot spysweeper.

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If all else fails, use your operating system disk to reinstall your OS. Check “Reinstall completely and without files” should be the one you want, though I cannot guarantee it would be spelled that way.

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I contracted over 800 viruses thanks to the Trojan. i tried everything to get rid of it. nothing worked. i finally took my computer out in the woods and shot it dead. it yelped a couple of times before dieing. i then went to a used computer store and found a pretty good deal. i installed the Norton Antivirus Corporate cd as well as the best AVG available. my firewalls now have firewalls and i feel my computer is protected. you are going to have to do the same thing. the Trojan will eventually take over your computer completely and shut it down. this happened to me. john

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Download malwarebytes and save in public folder.
restart PC in SafeMode with Network connections.
Install malwarebytes, download updates, and scan PC…. delete virus.
Repeat scan.

Reboot as normal.

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@njnyjobs Yup, thanks, I already tried that twice. Didn’t work. Right now I’m running ESET. After that I plan on doing kaspersky. I managed to do a system restore and now I’m able to at least download the software I need.

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