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What is becoming too popular in today's society that it's got to the point of becoming annoying?

Asked by tata12 (101points) February 23rd, 2010

what is your opinion

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Two items: Boom Boxes and Rap Music. they both should be dead and buried.

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Text speak. It’s great for text messages, but not so much anywhere else. lol.

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Facebook and Twitter. I don’t care if you need to take a shit.

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Toleration for inequality.

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Facebook (specifically Facebook Groups) and trashy girls in music (specifically binge-drinking losers such as Kesha).

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Definitely Facebook and Twitter. Reality TV, too.

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@Glow I really wish I had thought of that one

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@noyesa – Problem is, I think about it allll the time ;____;

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the whole Twilight series.

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Clothes on a gorgeous woman.I mean come on it’s warm out.

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Unwillingness to accept new things.

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Cell phones

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Lady Gaga, reality shows, tabloids, and war can all go away now.

Also laptops.
It’s a pretty lame sight to walk by a coffee shop and see 10 people inside and none of them are talking to each other or far that matter are ever aware of someone elses presence 10 feet away.

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Twitter and Facebook. I really don’t care that your cat had 4 kittens.

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Answering the phone on a subway.

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Harry Potter

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@mattbrowne Or in pubilc in general.

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Oh I could go on…
So I will!

-Calling Obama a socialist
-Dudes wearing skinny jeans
-Lower back tattoos
-Facebook games
-Political scare tactics
-Panda Express

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People with high tech devices that don’t care to learn how to use them…. and when they f***-up the device, they come and post on forums such as this one and ask annoying questions to get the device fixed…for free.

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“loud commercials!”

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Processed cheese.

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Fluther. It’s better to keep things “tight knit”.On the other hand, the more the merrier.Oh well I really didn’t think that one through.Moving on.

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Cell phones. They talk when they shop, when they walk, when they “play” with their children, always and forever blabbering on the phone. Blah blah, blah, blah…......Hang up and live your lives.

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The internet. No one even thinks twice about having it with them at all times, and I’d be shocked if even 1 out of 50 people could go one day without using it at all.

Also Lady Gaga and Twilight.

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michael jackson-who cares if and how he died…serves the pedarast right
lady gaga…..nuff said
reality shows
the war
anything to do with celebrities….
and tattoos, hey i love tattos but i dont care what yours is for and quit doing them in foreign languages you cant’ speak i hope they all say douche….instead of power , love etc etc etc….

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The phrase “that’s what she said.”

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Good point.
“The Office” is quickly approaching this status.
Even the British version only ran for two years.

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Making cute little kitties look like retards.

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Skinny jeans on not-so-skinny people. Oh…and on skinny people too!

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@Symbeline I LOVE LOL Kitties!

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Retarded looking kitties ROCK!!!

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@Val123—Haha I love them too, I’m always looking up lolcats. I just don’t understand why an animal that is said to be so independent and intelligent would use textspeak.

But I’m probably looking into it too much.—

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@Symbeline Just something somebody started and it took off like wild fire!

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*Facebook/ twitter/ and others
*Reality shows
*Text talk/ leet/ other purposeful mangling of the written English language
*Anything to do with Obama’s skintone

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Everything I would say would just be a reiteration of what people have said. I am not bothered by Facebook, Lady Gaga, Kesha, rap music, or texting. I love all those things. I love Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and Miley Cyrus. Love them.

Twitter on the other hand seems asinine to me, so it annoys me a bit. Reality shows in general suck, but I think they seem to be dying down a bit. Survivor, MTV Cribs, and MTV Teen Cribs are still good. As are all those murder documentaries and ghost investigation shows.

The whole “emo/scene” crap annoys the shit out of me, but luckily it came after my “generation” a bit (by that I mean people born in 1990–1991). I also don’t see the appeal in Twilight at all.

However, with that I give @jackm a GA.

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People becoming easily annoyed by the insignificant instead of focusing on something important.

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Poverty – due to the poor economy. It’s getting really old.

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Politics as usual is getting old, too…

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Ditto what @Dr_Dredd said and, indeed, it is the same old same old. Faces change, promises change, but the song remains the same.

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My underware is getting old.

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The belief that everything must change, and that you have serious deficiencies as a human being if you disagree.

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I don’t get all the “Twilight” bashing. My daughter-in-law gave me the first book to read this week, and it seems pretty innocuous to me.

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@YARNLADY IMO, the issue is that “real” vampires are soulless killing machines, not pop collard suburbanites that sparkle in the sunshine.

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Yeah. I don’t think the main problem that people have with Twilight are the characters or the story, rather than the vampires, even though said creature has seen many faces and concepts through its history in entertainment, is hardly any kinda real vampire.

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People talking on their cell phones while walking the aisles in the supermarket.

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@YARNLADY I have never actually read or watched Twilight, rather am sick to death of its popularity. So many of its fans are, well, obsessive. One of these days I might read or watch it when the ruckus had died down and I am not already sick of it.

I should have written:

*the Twilight phenomenon

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@Arisztid Ah, I see. I have only heard echos of it since I don’t get out that much.
@syzygy2600 I have always loved Fairy Tales, Fantasy, and Science Fiction so I was only seeing the entertaining story, rather than the societal effects.

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@YARNLADY It is flipping annoying. A church or probably cult has been formed around it for Pete’s sake.

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@Arisztid not to mention the stupid little detail about the girl and the ultimate unattainable guy… ugh, what played out shit.

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cell phones

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guys wearing these tight @zz pants and tight short tops and huge unsexy bunched up underwear traumatizing the classmates sitting behind them and to top it off they cant walk properly. And then those who wear extra large ¾ jeans that look like what we call flood pants (3 or 4inches above the ankle and and its barely hanging on to the side of their legs.

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Abstinence only sex education.
-Why? Its been proven not to reduce pregnancy or stds and it often involves lying/ bending the truth. Also you’ve gotta admit, safe sex is a lot more fun than no sex.

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