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What goes on in the mind of a messy person?

Asked by Blackberry (31011points) February 23rd, 2010

I’m not talking about not folding a pile of clean clothes or draping your work clothes over your chair because you’ll be at work again in 6 hours. Why do some people do things like taking cheese out of a wrapper and just leave the wrapper on the counter when the trash is 5 feet away? You don’t even have to walk, you could just throw it lol.

And who cooks and just leaves the dishes at their original spots, not even rinsing them and putting them in the sink or dishwasher? They are aware they will have to use them again right….?

So are they thinking: “I wonder how far I can push it until flies come or some woman flees out of my house screaming?”. What do you think?

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“eh, I’ll do it later”

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They are thinking to themselves how awesome it is having a maid who will pick up after them….“Yeah man!! This is SWEET!!”

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I tend to feel guilty. I think in relationships where one person is neat and one person is messy, the messy person always feels guilty and inadequate.

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That dinner was delicious i wonder if Brittney is on FB did I miss a call from Manolo? better check to see if my cell battery is still charged i’d better do that laundry i need my red top for the dinner with Jason where are my shoes.

ADHD – It’s not just for 8 year olds.

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I’ve been asking my bf the same thing for years.

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Wouldn’t know – I am neatness personified.

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I’ll admit – I’m pretty messy. What’s weird is I think it’s from OCD. I’m not at the hoarders point – it’s not that I can’t (or don’t) throw stuff away. My problem is that when I clean, I need to have everything perfect and it takes forever. I sometimes put off doing so, because I know what’s going to happen, once I start.

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My mom has been asking my brother that for about 20 years (He’s 22 by the way.)

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It seems to me messy people either place neatness low in their priorities and are easily distracted by other activities, or are just plain lazy. See ya…..Gary/wtf

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Why don’t you ask this guy?

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@Blackberry I’ve wondered that myself. I work in a residence for my night job, and I frequently think things like; “I know I did not give birth to any of you, and I hope you don’t think I’m cleaning this up after you.” One girl in particular cooks stuff in a huge pan and just sticks the pan in the fridge, I guess because she’s too lazy to put the food in a dish, because she’d then have to wash the pan. The bottom line is that somebody is going to have to clean this up, and so yeah; who does that? Who feels comfortable making a mess for someone else to clean up? I’ll bet their mommies never made them make their own beds.
Now take it a step further. Who takes stuff out of the fridge at work and what are they thinking? I knew a guy who did it all the time when I was stationed at a clinic at Naples. He would always say; “Well, I didn’t know whose it was.” Motherfucker, you knew it wasn’t yours, right?
Honestly, I can not imagine what is the matter with people. Maybe we should just straight up ask people, “What can you possibly be thinking?” I’d really like to know, so if you find the hell out, please PM me, ok?
The only thing that should give us comfort, @Blackberry, is that these ninnies will not possibly be able to survive any disasters, so if either of us see them after the next doomsday, who’s to stop us from explaining in a very inarguable manner who needs to pick up their own trash? I’m sure we can manage it. ;-)

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“Fuck it.”

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“I’ll be dead soon, so who cares.” or “My environment may as well match my life.”

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I opened this question in another tab and submitted this response, but I’m just going to leave it up for the rest of the night. I’ll be on other tabs, later!

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It’s no big deal. I’ll get it later.

Messy people are often time people who procrastinate as well.

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@Facade- great answer! That is so me. I always push it off until “later” and later becomes tomorrow and tomorrow becomes next week and next week becomes next month: and so on! I want to be better but i’m too tired too!

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Lazy I guess.
But I leave juice in my fridge to ferment so I really can’t judge.

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I am somewhat messy, but I have OCD as well. I have over 300 books, all alphabetized and perfect on my shelf. But 372936 necklaces and rings and earings on my dresser and you cannot find anything. My closet is color organized, but my shoes are a terrible mess.

Idk. I wish I wasn’t messy. I just tyhink some things are more important than others.

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A messy person is keeping their mind uncluttered from thoughts about cleaning.

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They are recalling that people who believe that neatness is a virtue are deluded.

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Man, so many good answers here. Too bad for me that I often have many of these same issues! I’m an OCD procrastinator, have guilty feelings about it, and I’m just plain blind to most of the mess. :(

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They are thinking, “Oh shit I haven’t practiced, and my lesson is… Sooo, is the address book in the bedroom or…. Oh um I didn’t call Kozo but now’s not the time, so… Oh did I eat? I don’t think so. Mom, did I eat?.. Oh she left, oh well…. Huh, I wonder where the brown shoes are, and, but, what are these socks? are these mine? Oh gosh if these socks are….what day is it? Where’s the calendar? ... Oh here’s that flannel I lost. ... Flannel’s a funny word. .... I liked it that Susie B called her cat “Flannel”..... Oh hell I don’t want to answer the phone right now, shut up!!.. Where is the phone anyway?... I need to call Kozo!

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@susanc You just reminded me that I forgot the ADD part of the equation. Definitely fits me, too.

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“I’ll put that in the trash now… oh! I need to remember X and Y I better do that right now before I forget!”

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Maybe they feel that time is best spent cleaning once it gets really dirty/messy. You can take out two or three bags of trash in the same time it takes to take out one. If you are cleaning, it takes as long to clean a mildly dirty floor as a filthy one. Just a thought. I don’t belong to this group.

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My wife is a major slob. I am a major neat freak. We’ve had this conversation numerous times. Her reasons (some similar to above):

1) “I’ll get to it later”
which never seems to happen

2) “I’m doing something else right now”
there’s always something else

3) “It’s just not that important to me”

4) “I’m exhausted”
didn’t I just work a ten hour day too?

5) “You’re just going to clean it anyway”
which is true, I will

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@cprevite: can you two come visit me for awhile? she and I can read some novels, and….

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@susanc: This would be good. She’s just recently getting back into novels and I could use the exercise. You just gotta feed me.

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@janbb: Thats a good start.

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“The floor is dirty and gross anyway so what’s a little more dog/cat pee or poo?”

“I can go to Wal Mart and buy more clean stuff.”

“Fuck, I’m tired and crapped out so cleaning isn’t on my list of shit to do.”

“My life sucks, no one is around to take care of me.”

“My gf/bf/SO isn’t “high maintanence” like that so I don’t sweat it either.”

“I hate my place, if I liked where I lived then I’d give a damn.”

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@cprevite: plenty of cookies, plus cookie-making dishes in the sink

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