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The digit for "activity for you" doesn't change eventhough there are 3 or 4 activities for it. And the question doesn't go up to the list of "New Activity".

Asked by flo (13313points) February 23rd, 2010

Here is the question:
There is a question I answered, and it is the same thing it doesn’t go up to “new activity”

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You probably have the question open in a window somewhere—Fluther thinks you’re still in the question so it doesn’t give you new activity.

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@andrew this is the first time, since I joined Fluther. I always do things the same way. I posted the question yesterday, two people answered. I signed out, so, I wasn’t in any window. for many hours. When I signed in today, it is the same. BTW, this question? or the question I am asking about went up to the “new ativity”, after you responded, temporarily though. The question I answered is still under “following”.

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No idea, then.

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@andrew Is there anything I can try from my end to nudge it somehow?

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