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How to be friendly?

Asked by ain (28points) February 23rd, 2010

I need an advice about how to be’s because i think it was hard to socializing with other people.i got really shy and’s annoyed me.i’m also not brave enough to talk to people.i don’t know why… so please answer this?

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Try not to be overly concerned with what others may or may not be thinking of you.Just know that most people are really only concerned with themselves,and what’s going on in their lives,which makes it very easy to talk to them…about themselves.Try it :)

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You care too much about what people think about you. Most people could care less about what you’re going through because they’re caught up in their own feelings or reactions. Just let it be. They’ll either like you or not.

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It’s an easy room.

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You could start by letting people know a little more about you….you got to give some to get some as they say. Your profile says squat about who you are and what you are interested in….that is equivalent to a blank billboard…you will NOT get noticed with that kind of approach!

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How to be friendly?
OK I’ll be a little less stingy although I may be the least qualified to answer.
It’s just too easy to be jaded.

Sometimes when I’m not too friendly it’s because either
a.) I think people are not worthy of my attention
b.) I’m concerend they are judging me or
c.) I’m judging them.
The only ones I really have any control over is a and c though. So I can take the approach of taking a risk and putting my mug out there or just stay in my self satisfied and safe but thoroughly predictable habits. I say take a risk and whatever happens it’s ultimately more gratifying to fall flat on your ass than never get up on the horse in the first place.

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Pay more attention to them, listen to them. Then you don’t have to think about yourself so much. When someone asks you a question, answer it, and then ask them about themselves. It’s true – people like people who show real interest in them. Being worried about how you’re coming off to others is self-centered, even though you don’t mean it to be.

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Generosity of spirit, give people the benefit of the doubt, treat others in the ways you know they want to be treated, rather than the ways you might treat them out of habit.
Let go of small frustrations and irritations and enjoy the many wonderful things that other people contribute to your life. Embrace others for who they are rather than who you wish they would be. “Generosity of spirit” is an attitude.

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Number one thing to know when meeting new people and giving off the friendly vibe: PEOPLE LOVE TO TALK ABOUT THEMSELVES! Right? People love the chance to say “I think…” “I want…” “I feel…” I. It’s all about that one little letter. When you meet someone new and you want to talk to them, give them the opportunity to talk about themselves! A great way to do this is to comliment them. Easy and simple. (NOTE, only compliment them if you mean it. it makes the compliment sound genuine because it is and then people will WANT to talk to you because you sound interested!) I don’t know if you’re a dude or a chick so i’ll give you advice on both.

ex. if you’re a girl complimenting a girl, “Excuse me, but your _________ are/is really cute! Where did you get them/it?” (let them talk about their killer deal that they got on their stuff, ask questions that make sense to the topic)

if you’re a girl complimenting a boy (TRICKY, but possible. Notice something you may have in common) like if they’re wearing a shirt of a band you like, “Hey, i noticed you’re wearing that band’s shirt! I like them a lot! But of course, i am ASSUMING that the shirt is yours…” (More than likely it is, in which case, he’ll laugh and say yes. TA DA! time for next question ex, “Have you ever seen them in concert?”

if you’re a dude complimenting another dude, (tricky because you don’t want to give off the “i LIKE you” vibe (but if you do, look at either option above haha) so for a dude to another dude just ask something simple that relates to you ex. if you like video games, ask “Have you played that new Call of Duty yet?” (or whatever game you like) yes response turns into you asking, “did you notice_______” or whatever pertains to it, if no, then “Oh, why not?” they give you a response.

now the best one (in my opinion because I’M a chick), i can tell you if you’re a dude talking to the ladies, CONFIDENCE IS KEY. if you say something stupid, laugh it off, don’t stress it. no one likes stressful people. you pretty much follow the same pattern as girl talking to boy but you switch roles, dur. ask if they’ve seen a movie yet that you have seen or want to see, ask about music you may have in common, or even help. yes, girls love seeing boys ask for help, and if you’re shy, this is probably your best bet. your shy attitude will make them want to help you even more. :D
From me to You, Best of Luck and feel free to ask me questions if you need something cleared up :)

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