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Photoshop and Printing Issue?

Asked by anon30 (334points) February 23rd, 2010

I Designed a invitation in Photoshop, it’s 7.5 by 3 inches, and I need to do 4 by 8 inches, It’s the only size Wal-mart accepts. But when I convert it, the Design Becomes really ugly, and I don’t know what else to do, I need this done by tonight.

How can I fix the Photo to it’s right size?
And is 4×8 really the only size it’ll take?

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7.5 / 8=.9375
3 / 4=.75

So obviously that is going to get funky when you scale it. So I would scale it so the 8 is right while keeping the proper proportions. Then you accept the white-space or you use scissors to trim them.

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No. Just a black square.

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I inverted it in photoshop and I do see diagonal lines. But they are very faint.

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Take it to Kinkos. They can print an 8.5×11color lazer for $1.50 each, pay extra, have them cut it down, be done with it.

Or take it to Sams Club and they’ll do the same as a photo print, but charge even more.

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You could actually fit 3 – 7.5×3 documents on one 8.5×11 sheet from Kinkos. You’ll get three copies for $1.50… They can cut them for minimal extra charge.

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is it a pixillation issue that is making it ugly? ... if so there are ways in photoshop to increase the size but get around this issue

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Fit 6 of the same thing on 11×17 and have them cut.

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In hawaii the closes store we have is wal-mart @RealEyesRealizeRealLies

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try flattening the image before you resize it

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did you change the resolution?

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