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what's a duche bag?

Asked by Inlovewithjonas (2points) March 4th, 2008

I hear ppl say this

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I’ll introduce you to my ex-wife…..

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A childish remark made by immature fellows.

Basically you are calling someone a asshole.

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douche is a process to clean out certain pipes. It is pretty gross, making the term an insult.

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I had no idea “douche bag” was two words, so let me thank you and johnpowell for the teachable moment.

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funny that you say that johnpowell. . .

“Start with breaking-up with your current girlfriend. Then try asking the second girl out for coffee. If you don’t break-up with your current GF first that makes you a douche bag.”

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Oh no!

Toasty! (to quote the little guy who would popup in mortal kombat)

<3 johnpowell :)

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That was intentional. It was a joke.

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I had a girl friend from Sri Lanka and she had heard the term here in America and called me it one day! When I asked her if she knew what it meant she shyly replied no and when I explained to her what a deusch was she was shocked. Its more a term used to refer to guys as assholes as someone else mentioned above.

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. A douche bag is a person who is a real piece of shit or is acting as such prior to the point of label placement.

2. A douche bag is a person who doesn’t show respect for other people.

3. A feminine hygiene product, used to clean the vagina after intercourse. After watching a recent Oprah I’ve been told by a gynecologist that douches are bad and that a vagina is (his words not mine)“a self cleaning oven.”

My thinking is, “douche bag”, used against patriarchists and male supremacists, is an insult, not because we now realize regular douching is bad, or because douching is per se bad, but because the term hearkens to the reasons for which douche bags were invented, namely, to clean what men believed to be women’s foul-smelling, diseased genitalia. When we use the word, the patriarchists we intend to insult are insulted, not because douche bags are bad things, but because of the revulsion over women’s bodies which the term “douche bags” evokes and which inspired their invention. A douche bag is a neutral object with some valid reasons for existing. It is only revolting or disgusting when it is connected with sexist views of women’s vaginas and bodies. And for this reason, using words like “douchebag” as an insult is, I believe, sexist.


And the Winner of Douche Bag of All Time is…
Rarely does there come a time where douche baggery is exemplified such as this. On Tuesday May 30 2006 Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly clinched the all time douche bag award when he repeated his claims for the second time, that despite all the records, photographs, testimony, and facts, that the American POWs murdered in the World War II Malmedy massacre were war criminals.

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