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Does this similarity of pedophiles seem ironic to you?

Asked by Kelci33 (165points) February 24th, 2010 from iPhone

Two COPS, both lived in my neighborhood were arrested for child pornography… On seperate occasions. (about 3 yers apart)

Is it a coincidence that they both lived in my hood? Which is a very nice neighborhood btw. (400,000+)

is it disturbing to you that they were cops?

Is it even more disturbing to you, that I had to walk past the one creeps house everyday to the bus stop and the other guy lived directly behind me?

Could they have watched me?

The first officer arrested, his wife and children stayed with him.

The second one took their kids and left.

What would you do?

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maybe they kept some pedo-files on you, too.

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Can you be more specific about the nature of the “child pornography”? The term gets thrown around these days far too casually.

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Compared to the amount of cops and pedobears out there, 2 cops in your town doesn’t mean anything…’s called a coincidence. You never know who has done what when you walk by people everyday, nothing happened to you so why are you racking your brain about something that didn’t happen?

By the way…..cops are humans, they do bad things too.

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Coincidence doesn’t create irony. Irony is different.
Those cops suck.

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Well pedophiles come in all walks of life and can come in many forms. Obviously these people fooled the world into thinking they were normal people but lived a secret life. Its really sick but unfortunately is a cancer of this society.

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One for taking pictures of children naked…

The other for hacking into the schools childrens photos (he was a school cop) and also taking pictures of naked children.

And yeah but it’s just disturbing to me. Esp bec it’s so close to home. Litterly

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There are sites you can enter your zip code into and it will show you so much ugliness that you’ll wish you never knew. Also, a molester is different than a pedophile.

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School Cop? Like a freelancer? Does that qualify as a police officer?

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It’s such a reality check…things like this remind me just how much our society is based on turmoil and corruption.

Bring back town squares I say.


It’s actually not that uncommon. I’ve heard of many professional men, as well as firemen, Mounties and other police officers who have been caught with child porn in Canada. Usually they get light punishment for their first offense, and some still have their jobs. I even know of a case where a woman and her husband collected child porn, for their own use. A lot of men have always had these urges——it’s just the computer age that has “fed it” and exposed it. Technology is not always a good thing.

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What would you do?


The question is, what are you going to do?

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For a shocking amount of info on a really ugly ring of politically shielded pedophiles and child traffickers in Belgium, see – warning tho this is a really awful subject, totally covered up by the authorities

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What would I do? Well… Something that would probably land me in jail, had I been the wife of one of the two cops.

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Is it possible that the two were related? Maybe they worked together or something, and one gave the other confiscated material or something.

Generally, cops have easier access to all sorts of illegal stuff, plus the job might make them more insensitive to certain things (thinking mainly of drugs or violence here). But it all depends on the person, and if indeed both of these guys were guilty of the crime they were accused of, then it could simply be a coincidence.

A lot of cops in my town are dealing drugs, exactly because they confiscate large quantities and can easily sneak out a few grams here and there. They don’t even do drugs themselves.

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Exactly. A lot of cops are dirty. Someone that I know had a large amount of cocain on him and was sent to jail. In court they said it was less than ½ the amount that the cop had confinscated.

It was nice for him bec of prison time…. But the cop def stole a large amount of iyt

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And as for them working together… Yeah I thin something was related. It’s just too weird for me that yhe same story repeated itself twice in my hood.

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I don’t get the question – are you assuming that this is ironic because rich people or are supposed to be moral? that’s crazy..nothing is further from the truth…people in power, money or legal wise, always abuse the system. always.

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and the poor are always moral. always.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir so then those in power, in whatever form, aren’t always going to either.

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@eponymoushipster that’s now what I meant – I didn’t mean all who have power (maybe I should have written it differently, now that I re-read it)...I just mean that whenever something corrupt comes up, it always is connected to someone having power or being in a position of power

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I still didn’t get the nature of the “pornography” or see where this was porn. I saw naked pictures, there is a difference between naked pictures and porn

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