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What can I expect out of a Critical Mass experience?

Asked by essieness (7693points) February 25th, 2010

Critical Mass.

I’m thinking about riding in my first one tomorrow night. Got my bike all ready (no, not the beautiful Gypsy, but a beginner bike) but I’m not sure what to expect.

Do any of you ride in your city? What’s it like?

Also, I may end up going alone, so is this the kind of thing that’s ok to do alone? Or do you need the buddy system?

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Just go get out there!

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It’s fun as hell. Be careful about who you are riding with, as some cyclists can get really belligerent towards the always-belligerent motorists.

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I’ve never ridden in one, but I imagine it must be cool to have a lot of bicyclists all together.

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Critical Mass.

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I’ve never ridden in on, but a friend tells me it’s a lot of fun.

I love the beautiful Gypsy. I have an older, painted (beaded, etc…) bike that I made named Oh Deer,

I just looked through the flicker photos – Miss Suzy? I think I lurve you.

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@LunaChick That bike is simply amazing! I bet you get a lot of compliments.

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You can expect a backlash if one of the people you’re riding with decides to smash in someone’s windshield with their Kryptonite lock because someone honked a horn at them.
The idea is supposed to be about sharing the road not taking over the road.

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Hubbs says it’s fine to go alone as you’ll probably meet tons of like-minded people. He dittos a lot of the other answers here about being careful to steer clear of people just looking to ‘get back at cars’.

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@Captain_Fantasy and @gemiwing Good to know. Thanks for the heads up. In my city, I hear the rivalry betwen cyclists and motorists is pretty heated… eek!

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In some cities, Critical Mass is little more than an angry mob.
Don’t get arrested because of some jackass who got high.

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I’ve done it once and had tons of fun. None of the insane belligerence mentioned above. One naked guy on a bike (this was in S.F., after all), a couple people with large boomboxes on trailers blaring music, and mostly just a lot of energetic people out for an evening ride. You can definitely go by yourself – you will end up chatting with whoever you are riding next to. It’s hard to stick right next to your friends, anyway.

Have fun!

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Genrally if you are present when there is a critical mass event then you are going to die!
Nuclear fusion is good in a reactor and bad in your vicinity.

On a serious note I had never heard of this phenomenon before your question – thanks Fluther for broadening my world again.

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to not be hit by a car!

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