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Women only: Can anyone recommend a comfortable bike seat for ladies?

Asked by LeavesNoTrace (5677points) August 28th, 2017

My current one makes it feel like I’ve been punched in the box after just 20 minutes of riding! I’m considering a noseless model but would take other suggestions as well.

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My wife has one of these Bell Memory Foam Saddle seats on hers and loves it. There are several other kind in the link, just scan over the list beside the pic.
I think she got it from Academy but I could be mistaken.

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My wife has a gel saddle, which she finds to be comfortable.

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Thanks, everyone! It will be nice to ride a bike again without walking like a bow-legged cowboy for several days.

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Have you ever used a leather saddle? They are expensive, but I am using one and it is one of the best seats I have ever used. You can ride around the world on it. :)

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