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should I call her?

Asked by jiboo420_ (122points) March 4th, 2008 from iPhone

I used to go out with this girl I loved very, very much. But sometimes I would be so mean to her, and cheat on her, but she would always take me back. Finally about 7 months ago I was being really mean to her and she wouldn’t answer my calls. I tried for like 3 weeks to call and text her, but nothin. She wouldn’t respond. I haven’t seen her or talked to her in 7 months. I haven’t even tried to call cause I’m scared of getting rejected by her. The truth is though I’ve changed and I want her back so bad. I don’t know if she’s moved on though. That’s also another reason I’m scared to call her. Have I let it go too long? Should I call her?

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give it a shot.
yeah you were pretty cruel to her, but if you don’t try you’ll regret not doing so in the future.
just tell her everything and bow down haha.
good luck

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Don’t call. She’s moved on. Don’t play with her emotions.

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If I believed that you have changed, I might suggest you call her. However you haven’t made the impression you’ve changed except that she’s no longer available, and your motivation appears as “I want her back so bad”, which doesn’t express to me that you love her in any non-selfish way. What do you want for her? What’s your intention like?

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I think after 3 weeks of attempting to call and text with no response, you have your answer. By now she has moved on, and you should too.

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You haven’t changed. If you do call, you’ll enjoy her for some period of time and then cheat on her again. Youve clearly overstayed your welcome and the question you are asking is out of selfishness once again (like your precious actions). Don’t call because she deserves better.

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if you all are still following the, I’m curious, are you all girls or is this coming from guys too?

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I’m a guy, and my take on this is: she’s made her views clear. Move on.

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@jboo420: Adult man here.

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I am a woman

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I’m a man, and I think djbuu’s answer is the best yet.

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You were emotionally abusive and false. You haven’t changed, as much as you want to believe that you have. You don’t love her. Love means putting her interests above yours, which you are clearly not doing.

Don’t call her.

Oh, and I’m a guy.

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