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Is there a website where two people in separate locations can play a game together?

Asked by SarasWhimsy (1637points) February 26th, 2010

My Mom and I can’t be together this weekend because of a snow storm, but we were really looking forward to being together. We thought we could find a website where we could find a game to play together, but I haven’t found any. Does anyone have any ideas?

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omg where have you been for the last twenty years lol!

are but a few!

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Some IM clients such as AIM, Yahoo Messenger, etc have games built in (same with skype)

My family and I use something called Hamachi to play games with a simulated LAN.

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Windows messenger will do that.
One of my favorites is It’s like pictionary.

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Gamecolonly is good for cribbage and backgammon. There are many other games as well, but I always find a player on this site. It’s free.

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You already have a lot of suggestions. I play wordscraper on facebook, it’s just like scrabble. Also, I see you are in PA, not sure if you are western or eastern? If you live in western PA you might play eucre, there are sites for that also.

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facebook has a fre applications that mean you can play games over a distance, msn has a few games too.

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WOW – thanks everyone! I had no idea there were so many!

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