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is it ok to be fat?

Asked by qualitycontrol (2570points) March 4th, 2008 from iPhone
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It’s ok until it is unhealthy.

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I’m sorry I will catch a lot of slack for it but fat people repulse me.

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It is unhealthy to be overweight. What do you mean by “ok”? Socially acceptable? Personally good for you?

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no its not ok to be fat! Fat people suck at life. Remember you’ll never meet a hubby if you’re a chubby

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I have a gf tho lol

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and I was kidding about the sucking at life part. Fat people should just excecise and not eat so much

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Depends on what you mean by “is it ok” and also by “fat”. In terms of health, no, being fat is generally not okay.

In terms of it being “socially acceptable”, I would view fat people slightly more negatively than a person of normal weight on first impression. Not only are fat people generally less attractive, being fat sends the message that they are either lazy, eat too much or both (and these are not desirable qualities in a person).

However once I get to know people, weight is not much of a factor, as I take people for who they are once I know their personality. As long as being fat doesn’t affect their personality or the things they do, I wouldn’t really care.

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yes it is ok to be fat. to be obese. to do anything/be anything you like. LOTS of men like BBW girls and the men that do are NOT all fat themselves. its just another discrimination used in the world, like racism.

if you are fat and dont like it then you do something about it. if you are fat and you dont care then you dont.

but not EVERYONE is fat just from overeating. sometimes there are REAL reasons beyond just genetics. a lot of people are fat because they were abused. or they have a bad thyroid or other diseases. and you know what. people who are FAT are people. they dont deserve DISSING just cause you think you are so smart.

the only bad thing about being fat is that you will likely get more diseases as you age (that part is true). there are no obese 100 year olds for a reason.

power to the pudge!

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until it is illegal to smoke cigarettes it is ok to be obese.

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Be whatever you want as long as your taking care of yourself and your truely happy. Amen.

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Obesity is different… but geeeeez… this country is so obsessed with weight and attractiveness. The judgement is such a waste of time.

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“its just another discrimination used in the world, like racism.”

No, it’s not full discrimination and it shouldn’t be in the same category as racism. Firstly, a person is born with a race, whereas (except when it is in your genes, but even in those cases it can sometimes be avoidable) being fat is to do with how you live your life. Secondly, although there can be superficial discrimination, being fat does actually limit ones capabilities, which means it is a valid reason to treat differently in terms of where discrimination can happen (like employment).

Being fat (and by fat, I don’t mean chubby, I mean being unhealthily overweight) is a health issue and not only is it a sign that something isn’t right, but it also can lead to diseases and other problems. Which is why, overall, it’s not okay to be fat.

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it’s okay inless you are by choice if you have medical issues and you can’t help or you have always been a little chubby that in my opinion is okay. I work at a pharamacy and being overweight is not enjoyed by anyone. But there is a difference between accepting yourself and just settling

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No its not ok to be fat because in this age of society fat is ugly. You will get a better job and life if you look good. Generally speaking

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How could you possibly get a better job?(exluding modeling) people just like to make suttle comments about my weight that annoys me. I’m not lazy at all though I am overweight. I work my ass off at my job where I’m all my feet all day. Im also not lazy in life either I do w

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