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HDR-CX100 Camcorder will not work on my Mac?

Asked by bobisho (178points) February 28th, 2010

I’m really hoping the collective can help me, I have a Sony Handycam avc hd model HDR-CX100 and I use a mac. I find that i cannot copy my HD movies or my SD movies to my Mac. There was a CD that came with my Camcorder called PMD, but after some research I found that it doesn’t work with anything other than Windows XP! I was wondering if there was anyway to get my movies off my camcorder to my Mac in a playable form, I’ll try anything right now because I need some of the movie clips on my camcorder for a school project, please help, any information I don’t have I can try to provide if you ask.

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It uses a memory stick. Just open that up as an external drive and copy the files across.

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@DarkScribe is it still in CPI format? Because I figured out recently thats my main problem.

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@bobisho is it still in CPI format? Because I figured out recently thats my main problem.

I am not sure how you regard that as being your problem. You will need an application with the right codecs to do anything with it. I use Adobe Premier for my HD video editing, not too expensive, but it is certainly not free. I am not sure whether there are any free apps that will do it. Maybe you should look at the various option for running PC apps on your Mac. Not a graceful solution, but one that works if you don’t want to fork out for Mac software.

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Check your camcorder user manual for if it work with Mac based computers or not.

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