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Is hypnotherapy benefical to a person?

Asked by MorenoMelissa1 (1140points) February 28th, 2010

I just had a quick hypnotherapy session this morning and I feel so refreshed and new, all my paranoid thoughts I use to have are gone. I would recommend this therapy to people who need it. What is your thoughts on it?

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Yes, beneficial to the hypnotherapist. Some people respond well to hypnotherapy – most don’t. That is why it is pretty much a “fringe” thing. It is highly unlikely that you would be cured of any real condition with just one session. Who diagnosed you as paranoid or was it drug related?

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@DarkScribe Well then I hit the jackpot, cause I am cured. My paranoia was from past experiences from abusive relationships.

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Yes, you are cured @MorenoMelissa1. Just remember that the cure came from your own mind.

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Think you would need more than one session, but yes, I have heard that it works.

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@DarkScribe LOL…You beat me to it, ”Yes, beneficial to the hypnotherapist.

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Many people stop their current regimen when they start feeling better. That’s when regression occurs. Keep on that program you’re currently on.

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Like any other psychotherapy it is highly dependent on the quality of the practitioner. Shoddy hypnotists have the capacity to do significant damage, high trained therapeutic hypnotists have the capacity to assist in an important way with talk-based therapy.

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@Captain_Fantasy I plan on keep track of it yes.

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The power of suggestion is very effective at imparting change of behavior and emotion.

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It has been great for my husband.

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Yes, there are people who receive benefits from hypnotherapy (clients), and there are also people who do not benefit from it. Most people I know who have tried it are very happy with the results.

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I actually did a paper on this. This is a direct effort in=results out situation. The results depend entirely on the patient receiving the therapy. If you don’t want to get hypnotized you will not. If you don’t open yourself to the therapy, it will have no effect, etc. But if you are open to it, and follow through, it has shown a degree of success that makes it a reasonable choice.

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It has never worked for me. It depends on the suggestibility of the person.

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What is my thoughts? Hmmm.

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