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What is the difference between fluther and aardvark?

Asked by betoalvo (10points) February 28th, 2010

main differences and andvantages

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Aardvark doesn’t seem to have a database of questions and answers that you can peruse.

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Fluther lacks a pronounced snout and rat-like tail.

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Jellies don’t eat ants.

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I’ll never send you to the store to buy a Fluther.

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The difference is one has hair the other is slimy.

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Fluther is a billion trillion times more insanely trigonometrically unbelievably amazing than a rat-thing.

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Fluther doesn’t taste good barbecued.

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@jerv: I disagree.

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Aardvark is getting more and more like Fluther. Originally, you had to be invited to be a member, and the answers were more likely to be factually correct. There wasn’t as much joking around as there is in Fluther. Now that it has been opened to the public, it is more like a cross between Fluther and a chat room.

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@YARNLADY Thanks for posting the first useful response to this question!

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I participate in several Q & A activities and I have also been invited to participate in focus groups to give opinions and suggestions for various sites.

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