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Should I call off tomorrow? (Possibly not safe for the squeamish)

Asked by RocketSquid (3475points) February 28th, 2010

I’ve had a sore throat for almost a week. Classic stuff, hurts to talk, coughing fits, all that fun. Other than that, I’m fine.

Today I felt great. Still had a sore throat, still had a few coughing fits, but otherwise my nose is dripping less and my voice is returning to normal.
Despite this, I’ve thrown up twice. I’ve had two long (about 20 minutes) coughing fits punctuated by a small bit of upchucking. It doesn’t feel like I’m sick, it’s more like I just ran a marathon trying clear whatever was in my throat.
Today’s the only day it’s happened, and other than needing to catch my breath afterwards, I’m feeling pretty good.

I’m wondering if I should play it safe and call off sick despite feeling fine, or go in tomorrow looking for the tell-tale signs and taking some decent precautions.

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FGS call off, and don’t make others sick by spreading the germs.

I am a business owner and I would send you home as soon as you got there.

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Stay home.

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Stay in. You never know what you might have!

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This is a job for…your family doctor.


I’d call in sick. You need at least another day (even two or three) to recuperate fully. With your sore throat and vomiting, your body’s been under a lot of stress. Going to work tommorow just puts additional stress on it, something your body doesn’t need so soon yet.

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You should call off and see the doctor. Coughing fits like that aren’t normal. You could very well have bronchitis or something..

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Stay home.

Vomiting is not a good sign. Could be a number of things, probably just a cold. If it persists longer than normal or anything atypical happens consult a doctor.

Some people think that staying home when you’re sick is being weak or lazy or you’re just making excuses. My (former) boss used to come into our small shared office sick, coughing and spewing flem out into the room. Besides being miserably digusting to listen to, the boss ended up making everyone else sick. It is safe to say that almost all the air supplied to a typical office space is recirculated—germs accumulate. I consider it incredibly selfish and inconsiderate to show up for work ill. I wish more people thought this way. I got sick much more often during my time at office jobs than during any other time in my adult life.

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@DrBill @RocketSquid I would do exactly the same thing….send you home immediately. It is not fair to your co-workers. Use the time to go to the doc. You are still sick. If your regular doc won’t see you tomorrow, go to a walk-in clinic. I never even bother with my regular doc for this type of thing.

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Stay home and call your doctor.

Some things just aren’t meant to be shared

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vomiting = automatic out

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Stay home, don’t make everyone else sick. I think vomiting is an automatic call-in-sick sign. Last thing you need is an office full of coughing and vomiting people.

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Depends…if you need the money go to work like all the deathly sick people do nowadays. Otherwise call in sick…make sure you play it up good when you do so you might be able to score a few days off in a row!

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Certainly stay home. Have you been checked out for bronchitis or pneumonia?

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