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What do you purchase online now that you used to purchase in-store?

Asked by erichw1504 (26398points) March 1st, 2010

Are there some things that you used to have to buy in-store that you now only (or at least most of the time) buy online?

What are they? Why do you buy them online now? For how long have you been buying them online? How much of a convenience does it provide? What other benefits do you get out of online purchases? Do you think you will be making more and more purchases online as the years go by?

Will there be a point to where we, as consumers, will make more purchases online than at a store? What effect could this have on our economy?

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I have never used a credit card to make a purchase on-line. i do not trust the hackers that are standing by, just to retrieve my card numbers in oder to drain my bank accounts. if it comes from a store, we bought it from a store… person.

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Books. They are so much cheaper online, at least a third of the price in-store.

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Books.There’s a much larger selection online anyway.

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Oh, so many things. Clothes, books, CD’s & make-up mostly. It’s just much more convenient. The only thing I won’t order online is jeans. I have to try them on in person. A lot of my make-up, online is the only place I can find it. A lot of my Christmas shopping is done online. Even if I have to pay the shipping, just being able to do several clicks & have it delivered to my door is so worth it.

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Books for sure. (Sorry local book store.)
also, I do most of my gift shopping online. Especially at Christmastime I hate the crowds and my local mall has become gangland

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@HTDC & @CharlieGirl Yeah, I just bought a couple books from Chegg and saved about $250! On two books! Plus I got to plant two trees.

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Food, books and Dvd’s. Mostly food, we do a big food shop online every month.

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@Judi Yeah, I have to do a lot of Christmas shopping online since I live 15 hours from most of my family. But, when I move closer I would rather buy most of the gifts in-store because the shipping & handling is killer!

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@HTDC Wow! That’s alot of money!

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I just recently bought coffee from an online bookstore. That was odd.

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@john65pennington; have you heard of the paypal plug-in? You can use paypal at any online retailer that takes MasterCard. They create a onetime use MasterCard number. It is only good for the one transaction. It has opened up all sorts of purchasing possibilities.

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@Judi I was just going to recommend PayPal too, it’s a very secure site and I haven’t had any problems yet.

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Everything but clothing and food. And, sometimes I do that too.

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Shirts, records, and random stuff.

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I wouldn’t hesitate buying online anytime. Definitely a lot of savings.

Computers, flat screen TVs, office supplies, electronics, health & beauty products, medicines, clothes, car parts/accessories and a whole lot more… savings of about 25–50% over brick-and-mortar stores…conveniently delivered to my office or home.

I even bought vehicles on ebay.

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I buy some art supplies online and books if I can’t find them at the bookstore.

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T-shirts, sports equipment and the occasional electronic. 99% of what I buy comes from

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Very little. Generally I like to touch and see what I am buying. Every so often, if I know exactly what I am buying I will do it on line, or if I cannot get it in a store near me, but I typically go to a store first. I would buy used books and CD’s online. And, I do shop for hotels and airlines online.

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I get tremendous savings for books online and finding old books is far easier than physically shopping.

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Books. Certain electronics.

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Books, clothes, shoes…..almost everything except for household items and food.

Amazon, L.L. Bean and Zappos are my friends; I particularly love the service I get from L.L. Bean.

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I do almost all my Christmas Shopping on line, buy all my books on line and even bought a bass guitar off Amazon.

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Like @Cruiser, I do almost all my Christmas shopping online, and I buy books for my Kindle from my Kindle. No guitars, though. During the last few months before Christmas, one person makes it through each traffic light, it takes forever to find a parking place, and I can’t take the parents yelling at their way-too-tired children. Way too crazy out there. But I can make a big mug of tea, sit down on the couch with my laptop and a cozy blanket, search through any store’s website that can be found in any shopping area, click a few times, and I’m done. Even gift certificates can be bought online. Before you make your purchase, you can also look up promotional codes online to save on shipping or a certain percentage off the price.

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Another thing is shampoo and other OTC pharmacy stuff. My shampoo is about ⅓ the price online as it is in the salon.

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i buy lots of odds and ends from e bay. the biggest change for me,? buying ammo, and gun parts online…..things are a lot easier to find, and there are big $$ savings.

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I will buy books or dvds online if the ones I want aren’t available locally. But otherwise I prefer to support my local retailers.

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@Judi what website do you use for shampoo and pharmacy stuff?

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@ifno, for shampoo (I use pureology and it’s pretty expensive) and or for the rest.

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Just about anything you desire, can be bought online.

Check out Macys online services.

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Computer parts… there used to be a couple good sources for computer parts in Manhattan, including the now-defunct CompUSA chain.
The local J&R has some components and a good supply of domestic-grade networking devices, but if I want to put together a new system, or rebuild an old one I have to go online to NewEgg or MWave or TigerDirect.

Groceries even… if you don’t use a car around town, lugging heavy stuff on the subway, like juices, is tough so that gets here by FreshDirect.

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