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why don't popular people get zits?

Asked by stuff12 (245points) March 5th, 2008 from iPhone

its like if your popular and good-looking, ur bodys like “no you can’t get zits, it goes against the natural occurences of the world”

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it’s not that popular people don’t get these things. Its the fact that they become popular because they look so flawless.

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dude, everbody gets zits. Some people just spend more time/money preventing them, treating them, or covering them

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I was never popular and I still have great skin and a hot body. I’m a beautiful woman and I was in high school but I was never part of the ” it” crowd.

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b/c they’re perfect lykeee omgsh duhhhh

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their ‘popular genes’ dictate great skin.

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the same reason you never see a very attractive person paying with food stamps, or washing thier clothes in a laundrymat
or driving a beat up car, or getting passed over by a cab, and so on. Feel free to add on for a chuckle. r

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Or is it that they are popular because they don’t get zits?

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Because their face would crack.

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Because it would rip a hole in the spacetime continuum.

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pattyb LOL great answer!!!!

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It’s called having money to spend on cover up.

Also, in response to annaott, I am just the opposite. I guess you would say I’m rather homely, but I have always been well-liked and rather popular.

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It is in the DNA. In the genetic code of each of us it is already determined who will be popular and who will have zits. Typically, the geeky nerdy ones will get zits, be picked last for any sporting event and not be popular. They will also probably be part of the school marching band rather than play any sports, or be on the chess team or members of the science club, FFA etc..
You have no power over this so just submit.

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