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Does Being in a relationship while at school ruin your education?

Asked by kawaii_ninja (402points) March 5th, 2008
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no. but the tendency to let the person take up all your time and lack of responsibility can definitely distract you from your education. if that’s what they call it these days…

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yes, and the internet makes you dumb.


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this is something my mother used to say. I guess she was kinda right for the fact that my grades did to down, but I don’t believe it ruined my education.

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Some people have the capacity to have multiple things going on in their life, others don’t. School is as much about buildings bonds and relationships as it is learning.

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its just like anything else- you gotta balance it out

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Yes, like tool/sheriff said, balance is key.

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if they are an understanding person they can often bring emotional support in your life in an otherwise overwhelming period in the and that helps strengthen the relationship – usually it just crashes and burns, but not always.

My partner and I agree that his time in school was probably the most care-free phase of our relationship.

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It can be pretty disruptive if you don’t have your priorities straight. but it is doable.

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Dude it depends on how fine she is. Of she’s ugly, your grades will drop. There’s a sign. If she’s hot, then your grades will shoe that shes worth it!

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just be careful to balance it all, spend time with ur lady friend but education comes first, she should know that too, if she expects herself to come first shes not the right gal

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I’m a girl !! And i don’t date women thanks . !! Unless you aren’t talking to me of course ><

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I know a guy that got a D in a college class because he was spending all his time with a new lady love… it really brought down his GPA and hurt him later when he was applying to graduate school.

That said, I think having a loving, supportive person in your life can actually help you deal with the stresses of school. Just be careful to take enough time to do a good job on your schoolwork!

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I can only fairly claim it ruined a math grade or two (love > math), but be careful. The balance suggestion seems like a good one.

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Thanks for the answers – i was using this for a project at school and i needed some quotes…
After i was halfway thru the project my teacher said the topic wasn’t ‘controversial’ (sp?) enough….=[
But thanks for the answers anyway ^.^

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