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Definitely, yeah. If you have the confidence to get your butt out there that is :) I’m thinking about doing it at some point.

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YES!! if I had money and a partner I’d so be there. I might have to get DWTSs on wii in the meantime

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If you had to pick a style of dance that is cool, I’d definitley go with Swing Dancing (and NOT the ballroom version.) There’s usually a Swing Dancing organization in every major city that you can find online. It’s a lot of fun, I’d definitely recommend trying it out!

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Absolutely. And if it’s Latin ballroom dancing, it’s unbelievably hot as well. People who have that kind of skill and control are amazing to watch.

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oh ya!! So u should.

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Dude chics dig guys who will take time to slow dance with them.

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I think so I like it

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