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What do I wear to a birthday party at a swanky bar in Soho (NYC)? Are heels required?

Asked by picklesbiffle (18points) March 1st, 2010

need to figure out what to wear to a good friend’s birthday – at a bar that seems to be a bit douche-y, not my regular scene.

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IN NYC, particularly at bars in Soho, you can be a free spirit, within reason. If high heels make you miserable, find some other footwear.

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Stay true to your own style :)

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All that’s necessary for any birthday party is a birthday suit….. and heels, of course!

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A little black drees and heels .It works every time :)

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heels are required

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A cocktail dress, of course!

Heels are not required, but would probably be most appropriate.

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