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Non-spayed cats what would the total be in 8 months?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) March 3rd, 2010

OK smart animal lovers put your thinking caps on, if you start the year with 5 not spayed cats and 2 not neutered Toms by August of that year presuming none of the offspring were spayed or neutered either how many total cats would there be of each litter had was between 4—5 cats with 2 females? What is your estimate, like a spread of X amount to Z amount?

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@syz The 1st link is dead. The 2nd one which states a symposium presentation by Linda Kelson, Feral Cat Coalition Board Member states that: “The HSUS estimates that a pair of breeding cats and their offspring can exponentially produce over 400,000 cats in 7 years.” seems a bit high because if you boke that down my year and months a female cat if she mated and came to term everytime she was in heat and boinked by a Tom would be 4,761 kittens a month not even on kitty firtility pills I would think, unless they are talkingf about the compounding factor that heach month more females are pimping more kittens into the overall number. But they did not explain that too well or maybe I just missed it.

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