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Does anyone know what happens when you call Quest?

Asked by LuckyGuy (36518points) March 3rd, 2010

You’ve all seen those late night commercials with the girls wearing tops two sizes too small. Does anyone actually call those numbers on the screen?
What does it cost?
I figure they would not keep those commercials on if they weren’t effective. But, I just can’t believe anyone would make the call.
Anyone here know of someone who did? Who answers the phone?

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I suspect when you do, your dignity goes away.

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@PandoraBoxx That was a timely article. Thanks. I thought Quest was supposed to be a way to “meet real ive singels in your area” . It is nonsense, of course.

Does the mere dialing of that number start charges piling on to your phone number?
I’d like to know if anyone has ever done it and the results.
But who would admit to actually doing it?

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With 900 number in general, the charges start with the connection with the number, and depending on how the service is set up, you are charged for chunks of time whether or not you’re on the line for that whole time. This is true for Quest as well. You get 30 minutes for free but agree to buy minutes. There’s the TOS agreement for the service. You’re required to purchase blocks of time in order to use the paid features.

I’ve never used a paid service, but once had to look into it for a client at an ad agency where I worked.

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I guess Barnum was right. There is one born every minute.


I’m sitting here in my pink nightie wearing a thong and bunny slippers. Call me.

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“Put your curiosity to rest”

I do not understand? ;-) Except for the dude and his dog. I’m cool.

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