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Have you ever had contact or known a person suffering from delirium?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) March 3rd, 2010

A person suffering from delirium is a dangerous person. they are out of control and no manner of pain effects this person. delirium is cause by hallucinations of drug overdose. some people run a fever and thus they shed their clothing and run rampant, nude, in the streets and throughout peoples houses. they are out of control. delirium presents a special problem for the police. in order to not use deadly force on a delirious person, the police use physical procedures to make an apprehension. the first order is to get this person on the ground. once on the ground, four or five officers pile on top of this person, until he physically wears himself out. this has been a tried and approved safe procedure for handling people that have delirium. do you know or have you had an occasion to be associated with a person that has/had delirium? if so, can you describe the situation?

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yeah my grandma thought she was sewing the tops off a basket of socks closed. and thought a nurse was cow.
and my great aunt was telling my dad and I about the horse people….
Delirious? I think yes.

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People around here seem to like delirium.
(I couldn’t resist)

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Do you mean like when my brother took 4 hits of acid?- uhm…
Oh no! I see you are a cop.
*ahem .... No Sir. Never seen it in my life!

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There was this truck driver that apparently had spent the weekend with his ex-wife. both were high on cocaine and meth. the male was so high, that he went into the delirium stage. before leaving his ex’s house, he stabbed her many times and severed her little finger. a neighbor called the police and stated a naked man just ran through her house. two other neighbors called with the same complaint. several people called to tell about a nude man running up and down the street shouting and cussing at no one. first, an ambulance was called for the woman. second, we planned our strategy to apprehend this subject. we chased him for three or four blocks, before we tackled him on the side of a busy Nashville highway. he was down on the street. five officers piled on, until the subject wore himself out. he was then handcuffed and booked. delirious people are very dangerous,since they feel no pain. a taser has no effect, nor pepper spray. the ex survived, minus a little finger. delirious man sentenced to five years in prison.

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Only once, but it was some random guy on the street. I was coming back from school. This poor guy was dressed quite neatly in a business suit and carrying a fancy briefcase, but he was FREAKING out.

Yelling nonsense and running towards me. I got out of the way, and he just kept running…was fucked up, and scary.

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Mine was only temporary and rather benign all things considered. It had nothing to do with drugs.

I ended up coming down with German Measles as an adult. That can get pretty serious.

Evidently my fever was so extremely high that it was enough to cause a bout of delerium. I was absolutely convinced that I heard a brass quartet immediately outside my window playing “Angels We Have Heard on High” and various other Baroque and Classical style music pieces.

This persisted over a period of several hours as I drifted in and out of consciousness.

I finally mustered up enough strength to crawl over to the window to check it out for myself. A part of my logical mind knew this couldn’t be so, but my ears just didnt get the message and kept hearing it. Really bizarre.

It was an experience I never hope to repeat. I have no idea why people would volunteer for this by taking drugs.

I am such a control freak that I would never sign up to be that out of touch with reality.

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When I was doing volunteer work in a nursing home, several of the patients experienced delirium, but it was mostly in the form of believing they were somewhere else, and holding inappropriate conversations, as in “Isn’t the beach delightful today, with the breezes so soft?” and “The children are having so much fun here at the park, don’t you just love it?”
The worst was one who thought he was playing football and went stumbling around the hall, doing football blocks and throwing objects he thought were footballs.

Many of these people were suffering from severe dementia, or had sustained severe brain damage in motorcycle accidents. They occasionally had issues at mealtimes, and threw their food.

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Yes. One of the motor pool sergeants at Ft. Leornard Wood. DTs from trying to quit drinking cold turkey. A straight-jacket case.

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