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Am I pregnant or is it gas?

Asked by Jamelia87 (4points) March 3rd, 2010

I’v been taking contraceptive for over a year, at some point I might have skipped 1 or 2,ever since I’ve had irregular periods which are very light and last about 2 days every month for the past four months. I got a funny tingly sensation to the bottom right of my belly button a week ago, shortly there after I felt something pulling down lightly from my navel,inside. Last night just before getting into bed as I was sitting I felt the tingly feeling to the bottom left of my belly button but this time stronger. I took two home pregnancy tests,which both showed negative. My Doctor’s on leave until next week and not knowing for sure are killing my nerves. Could I be pregnant or is it just gas?

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I’d hope that people would know what farts are before actually having to ask anything like this.

But yeah…once I thought I was pregnant, but really, I just had to go for an epic dump.

No I mean, if it was just gas, it would prolly smell.

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The baby doesn’t start moving until the 8th week of pregnancy. You can’t really feel it until about the 12 at the earliest (so I’m told. I’m not that far along yet)

Anyway.. your pregnancy hormones (the thing that will make the pregnancy test positive) those kick in as early as 5 days BEFORE you miss a period. Like early early zygote stage.

So if you feel a baby kicking and you don’t have any pregnancy hormone in your body, that’s no baby.

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I’m sorry if this sounds rude, but how can people on the internet diagnose if you’re pregnant or not? You took 2 home pregnancy tests, and they both came out negative.

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@Violet—cool we can edit our responses! You can’t do that on the other sites.

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@keobooks I edited my question after reading the rest of her details

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Well, don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble here, but I have a couple questions, the main one being, are you taking the pregnancy test at the right time? Read the instructions; if you aren’t far enough along from your previous period (at least, I think that’s how they instruct you to do it), then…the results can’t possibly accurate. I know two women who swear they felt the moment of conception, including my wife, and both were absolutely spot on with that. They say it’s not possible, but that’s probably the opinion of decades of male doctors.

Anyway, don’t freak about it, maybe you’re not. And if you are, there are tons of options, including having the baby and enjoying a life filled with the joy that comes with being a parent.

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Once when I had a scare, I took a test from the pharmacy that was negative and wasn’t sure how accurate it was. I went to my doctor at a scheduled appointment and he pulled out the exact, I mean EXACT same test I took at home. I knew then the result would be the same, and it came out negative.

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Something smells & it’s not gas.

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Have you been farting a lot?

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Wait 9 months and see what comes out.

Your sensations do not sound pregnancy. As has been mentioned, you would not feel any quickening yet.

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We really have no way of knowing whether or not you are pregnant without a prper test result. To know for sure you should see your doctor. Since there is a good chance that your might be pregnant, I think it would be in your best interest to act as if you are by not doing anything that could cause potential harm to you baby. I think you should schedule an appointment with your doctor for when he/she gets back. If you aren’t pregnant, he/she could tell you what that ‘feeling” you had was.

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This question brings back memories.

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Congratulations!!!! You’re constipated!! Can I throw a shower?

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@thriftymaid LOL! I never thought I’d hear another ‘Am I pregnant?’ question again, when I left Answerbag

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@Violet Glad you knew what I was talking about. It did make me laugh, though.

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I’ve read this question a few times, and I’m thinking that she thinks she’s four months pregnant. She says she’s had light periods for the last four months. I’m sorry but if you were four months pregnant you’d feel a lot more than just a tingly sensation near your belly button after all this time. Also, the pregnancy test wouldn’t be negative.

Seriously. I got pregnant while on the pill (antibiotics makes the pill not work.. oops) and I could tell at about 2 weeks—before the first period after conception that something was up. My breasts swelled up almost immediately to the point that I didn’t want them touched at all. By 3 weeks, I had no period at all and I was starting to feel slightly sick to my stomach all the time. When I took a pregnancy test, that sucker IMMEDIATELY went positive. I didn’t have to wait at all.

If it’s been four months and all you have to show for it is a light period, a negative pregnancy test and a tingling belly button, there is no bun in that oven.

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You’ll know which before long. In the meantime, relax. Gas is small potatoes, and babies are not evil.

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