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how do you control your anger?

Asked by shorty (244points) March 5th, 2008 from iPhone
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Sometimes I am able to take a step back and think about what it is that is really making me angry about the situation. Is it that person or something else completely different? Other times I like to go into another room by myself and turn the radio up, sing until my heart is content and let it all go.

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It depends on the circumstance.

When someone wrongs me I usually try to evaluate the situation, look at their actions through filterless eyes – to better understand their reasons and usually come to the conclusion that their actions weren’t personal and that generally calms me down.

Now if we are talking about driving, then I have no advice for you. :p

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I’ll also add that it’s very important not to devalue your own feelings of anger just because you’ve reached a higher understanding of the situation.

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I usually leave whatever is angering me and listen to music. Let me tell you I have a bad anger problem so really I don’t know what works.

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I ask myself what’s really causing me to be angry. Usually, it’s because my feelings have been hurt in some way. Then I just focus on that and the anger subsides. That makes it a lot easier to focus on a positive solution to my problem.

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I ask myself if this is still going to matter three weeks from now. If no, lighten up. If yes, think about it and respond as best you can.

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Oxygen!! I take a deep breath, or I put lots of airspace between myself and the person/situation making me angry!!

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