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when will the new mini mac book nano coming out??

Asked by cutiebabyuk (7points) March 5th, 2008 from iPhone

it was rumour from the uk gadget magazine. It must have!!

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this the first I have heard about it. Sounds like a hoax to me…

A few apple product names all run together as a new product name? I would at least hope Apple would come up with something better.

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it not hoax as its on number one gadget magazine t3. I saw the image.. Its touch screen laptop ^^

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MacBook Air? I also know there’s a tablet mac that came out recently which isn’t made by apple. Can’t think of any other products besides the iPhone and iTouch that are touch screen by apple.

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Apple is not producing a touchscreen laptop, and has not announced plans to produce a touchscreen laptop. Rumors of a touchscreen laptop have been around for most of a decade.

There’s the MacBook Air, which is engineered to be thin and light; there’s a company that repackages MacBooks into a tablet form factor, but without the touchscreen. Either of those may be what you’re thinking of.

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yeah, the newest I know about is the
book air. Its amazing! I was just in the apple store the other day. But crazy expensive.

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The iPhone is the result of the touchscreen laptop project by apple. The name of the project was “safari pad”. There are renewed rumors of a touchscreen notebook.

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trooman is right… There is a company that modifies new MacBook Pros with a touch screen. The name of the company escapes me at the moment.

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