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if you found $500 on the ground would you keep it or try to find the person who lost it

Asked by Beat170 (28points) March 5th, 2008 from iPhone
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I found money on the floor many times and I will always give it to charity who someone needed more then us.

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I keep it, if i found it alone by itself (but i will certainly think, do someone is watching me doing that)

I try to find the person, if the money is in a wallet, with a name in it

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That money would be in my pocket before a cat could lick its ass!

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I’d keep it if it were just on the street randomly, but if it were in a building or business, I’d give it to security, etc.

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I second sfgirl

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I found $270.00 on the floor of a restaurant bathroom two weeks before Christmas one year. I left my name and number with the manager of the restaurant and said that I would require any callers to identify the amount in order to claim it – no one did and I went Christmas shopping ten days later.

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the bank gave me an extra 300.00 once but I brought it back due to karma.

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One Time Some dude randomly walked up to me and gave my $200 I just said thanks and walked away

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I would keep it.

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O by the way nice name beat170

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How are you suppose to find the owner of a stack of cash left on the street?

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I left my wallet w. $50, driver’s license and credit cards at our local library. A twelve-year old girl turned it in, intact. I sent her a $10 gift certificate at our local cafe for home-made ice-cream. She thanked me; we are now friends.

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wow $10 your an angel LOL

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I should add that my little honest friend didn’t leave her name. I had to track her down, which took some doing, and then made my decision by committee. This is very rural and small-town Amurrica – and the friendship has been rewarding for both of us. I am almost 6 times her age so we both profit.

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I would try to return it
if I couldn’t find the owner I would keep it

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I would pick it up and ask. Who droped $400.00? Someone said I did. But than someone said I lost $500.00 I would gave it back.

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