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How's your hearing?

Asked by Trillian (21106points) March 5th, 2010

Have you ever misheard someone and jumped in to say whatever in response to it, only to find out they had said something completely different? And either felt like a complete idiot, or maybe had to explain something you weren’t ready to explain? Another question made me think of this; Once, in ‘96 or ‘97, my oldest daughter was 12 or 13 at the time; she was leafing through some catalogs. We had to do a lot of catalog shopping while we were in Guam, for the obvious reason. Anyway, out of the blue she very casually said “I need a cock ring.” I felt my jaw drop and freaked. I hollered “What do you need a cock ring for?” She just looked at me weird and said “What’s a cock ring?” Huh? I said; “Didn’t you just say you needed one?” She said “I said Anita Cochran.” Oh. She asked me again “What’s a cock ring?” Now what do I say? Me and my big mouth. Has this ever happened to you?

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What did you say?

It’s great..

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Too much Jimmy and Janice etc at the Filmore at a young age.

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I’m good, although my wife regularly accuses me of selective hearing.Particularly when she wants me to do the dishes.She’s probably right.

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My hearing is pretty good, now if you were to ask me about my attention span I would have to… SQUIRREL!......... what was I saying?

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@ucme that would be called “Man’s Ear”.

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When I’m at work, I often have my music playing, with an earbud in my left ear and nothing in my right ear. That way I can hear what’s going on around me, and when people are talking to me, but I can also enjoy my music. Recently, I’ve noticed that my hearing in my left ear has dropped a little bit. This has inspired me to keep the volume down, but it’s probably a bit too late. I think it’ll be interesting in 10–20 years to see the number of individuals with hearing problems that arose out of using an iPod too much.

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In recent years it has become much more difficult for me to understand the words of someone else when we are in a very noisy environment, such as a restaurant. I say “what?” about a dozen times per minute. It’s very frustrating. The same thing happens when I have a bad cell phone connection.

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@jjmah Truth be told she knows me to well.A slap on my “mans ear” & i’m put in my place,namely in the kitchen dishes at the ready.

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@Trillian How funny!!!! Actually, my ears & nose detect things before anyone else does. I hope they stay that way.

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Yes, I can hear a pin drop even on a carpet! But I always say- ” None so deaf as those who will not hear!”

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One sorta cool thing about having a blind girlfriend: she can generally tell you the dollar amount of any change you drop, just by the sound!

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According to my father, I’m suddenly deaf every time I talk to him on a cell phone because I’m constantly saying “what?!”. But according to me, the man has no phone rhythm.

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I caught a virus off my Grand-daughter in Dec 2007, and after that I noticed my hearing in my left ear was really poor. After tests I am now using a hearing aid. It happened almost overnight, and I had a short period of Tinitus which nearly drove me mad. Thankfully that disappeared.
Its frustrating that my hearing will never be the same again.
Without the aid I cant hear any conversation on the TV with my left ear. The aid helps but its very tinny compared with normal hearing. Like listening to a cheap transistor radio.

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According to one TV commercial, there’s a nap for that, and I love a good snooze, courtesy Brian Crane.

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