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Popular websites to display and share art?

Asked by Mariah (25831points) March 5th, 2010

I’m looking for an art website to replace deviantART. I used to post my art there, but I recently identified it as the source of the viruses I’ve been getting lately and I don’t want to go there anymore. Do you flutherians know of any other popular, well-made websites where I can post my art to get it some exposure?
Edited to add: I’m not looking to sell my art, just post it to get some feedback.

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I have used this website, to check on new art. I’m not sure if this is what you’re interested in, but you may find some information .

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@YoH: Hmmm… thanks for the suggestion, but I’m not looking to sell my art. Just post it and get some feedback. I should probably add that to the question, eh?

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@Mariah Sorry. I read my assumption into your question. Have you considered making your own website?

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You can make a site of or go to depthcore or breedhive. Personally, I still use DA.

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@YoH: Ehh… I only really draw as a hobby, and I’m not amazing at it. I’m not so absorbed in it that it would be worth paying for advertising, and no one would see my site otherwise.

@PacificToast: Those sites look intriguing, I’ll have to explore them a little. Have you gotten viruses from DA? I was skeptical about it being the source because it’s such a popular and reputable site (not to mention that I’ve been using it for years) but I am now certain about it. I’ve gotten the same virus twice while on deviantART and not doing anything else. I could just use better antivirus software and suck it up, but I don’t really want to be a part of a website that spreads viruses…

Jennarae919's avatar is one I know of. Also, is very useful for selling art.

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@Mariah Are you sure it’s deviantart giving you the viruses and not just stuff downloaded off deviantart? I wouldn’t be so quick to jump off of deviantart just yet. Usually when a site spreads viruses, it’s not limited to one person getting them. Know anyone else who got viruses off deviantart?

I just wouldn’t be so sure yet. Deviantart is by far and away the best site for showing your artwork, and I myself haven’t had any issues with it.

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Thanks for the suggestions, everybody!

@dverhey I got this same virus three times before I figured out where I was getting it and stopped going to deviantART! The first thing that happens when the virus is installing itself is that Adobe Reader opens (seemingly randomly). I am certain now that deviantART was the culprit because every time I so much as visit deviantART (Without downloading anything or clicking any links), Adobe Reader pops up and the virus installs itself. I know that it’s a problem with the site itself and not the media uploaded by users, because the last time it happened, I was looking at my own photo at the time! It’s probably coming from one of the ads displayed on their site. I googled deviantART viruses and have seen examples of people getting similar viruses; they’re always fake antispyware programs. The particular one that I’ve been getting is called XP Antispyware 2010.
I used deviantART for probably five years before now and didn’t have any problems. I think the problem has newly popped up for me because either A.) deviantART has added a new ad to their repertoire which is the source of the virus or B.) I recently reformatted my harddrive and hadn’t gotten proper firewalls up yet. Probably more people would be having the same problem except that most people have firewalls that block it before they even know it’s there.

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@Mariah I’ve never gotten a virus from DA as of yet. Perhaps my computer’s protection is stronger? I don’t know.

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