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How do you "want" to get back to exercise?

Asked by Just_Justine (6511points) March 5th, 2010

I went through a period of loving gym. It was great. Then I had a whole bunch of deaths in the family and stress and I packed it in. how do you get the “want to” to carry on? To me the whole schlep of packing a gym bag, remember I am female meaning I need loads of stuff to get ready for work in that bag, the driving there. The standing in queues for showers, the waiting for hairdryer plugs just more work that being at gym itself.

I keep saying to myself I will just “walk” instead. But so far I haven’t. I would prefer to walk in the evening but its dangerous here at night (S.Africa). So that is not really an option. Has any one put together their own exercise program at home that did not call for loads of equipment that worked? Besides I have had the bike that stood there and gathered dust. Is the Wii Program any good? Help I really need to work out but the desire is zero. It needs to be labour intense reduced in terms of getting there to do it. I’d really appreciate some feedback particularly on what you did at home to work out and that you stuck to and got results.

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I LOVE my Wii fit!!! I have 2 little ones and work full time so there’s no way to go to a gym. I have a treadmill. I also have a step and will pop in one of my old step tapes from time to time. Also, I dont know much about S. Africa, but my digital cable offers a free on demand exercise channel. Theres a ton of free programs and they add new ones every so often. But again, if that’s not an option for you, the Wii fit is a lot of fun. I just ordered Dance Dance Revolution on Ebay for my Wii. That’s gonna be FUN!!! :_D

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The best kind of exercise is the kind of exercise you enjoy doing.

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Just get out and do it! I have exercised daily for the last 16 years.Although I am exhausted—lol—it is worth it and I hate to miss it.It can become a habit :)

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Just go in the morning leaving enough time to come home shower/ do hair before going to work, that way you just put on your outfit, get there and warm up and do your work out. No bag, hairdryer or hassle and * No Excuse*...

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@TILA_ABs_NoMore you’ve really inspired me, so it really works huh?? I’m going to look them up on the net. I know I sound daft but you just basically plug it in right and off you go? (the wii?).

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@Rarebear so true! I would like to boogie board or surf, but I feel so revolting in a costume right now. Agh! I promise I’m not making excuses loll. But great point.

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@Just Justine Yep. The balance board and remote are cordless. It’s very simple. Im SOOOO glad I bought it. I was so bored with my workout routine and this totally livened it up. I figure once I start getting bored again I can just buy another game :-)

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I think you need to find a sport that you like. Cycling did it for someone I know. Paddling has done it for me. You need to enjoy the exercise or it will never happen. I think it is hard getting into the gym routine. I know it was hard for me to make it there when I worked full time, but I always felt great after. It helps to go early to beat the crowds. It helps to have a friend or few equally committed to exercise for moral support.

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@lilikoi yeah I also felt great after! But I was finding I had to rise at 3am to get there in time and be ready for work at 7.30am. It was great though I found it a bit more balanced life than I lead now. But I had to go to bed so early!!

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@TILA_ABs_NoMore yeah sound perfect – I am excited now!!

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Just do it, and within a week you will want to keep it up. It is hard to start, but you feel terrible when you lose that fitness, so once you are there you don’t want to stop.

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Just go for 2 mile walks.

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Have you got a dog? If so, take it for a walk on a regular basis and make it a routine (ie: at a certain time everyday if possible). Once you get back into the routine of regular excercise you may find that you want to take it up a level and go back to the gym on a regular basis.

If you don’t have a dog then this is a bit harder, maybe you could borrow one?!

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@Just_Justine – As you’re in S. Africa, I have no idea what kind of television viewing you have. Here in the U.S., my cable company offers “OnDemand” stations, one of which is exercise. There are, I think, over 100 choices for anything from beginner to more difficult workouts. If you have something like that, it may be an option. Or, can you get DVD’s from the library? That might be a way to try out a workout for free.

As for the “how to get back to it” piece, I find that the first 2 weeks are the biggest struggle. I do a lot of self-nagging on my drive home. When I get in the door, I immediately change into workout attire. Once the shoes are on, I’m 95% there mentally. Then it just takes the first 5 minutes of movement to stop the internal whining.

Another thought: Do you have someone who would text or call you about 10 minutes before you should be heading to work out? They could do the nagging for you. I had a friend do that for me for 2 or 3 days when I was struggling. The text was a good reminder, and she wasn’t going to leave me alone until I told her I was moving.

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@Leanne1986 they should make electronic dogs !!! I did think of asking a random neighbour if I could walk their dog, but that is a commitment right. The poor dog might be sitting and waiting and I don’t pitch!

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@Just_Justine That’s the point, it’s a commitment!

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Run alot, thats all i have to say .

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Buy a treadmill and place it in front of your TV


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I just run or cross-country ski. I started forcing myself to do it again two months after my knee replacement. Now if I could only quit the damned cigarettes.

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I’d love a Wii Fit and also to swim laps with my partner once the weather warms.

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I am going through a phase where my “will” to work out is pretty much nill.
I pay a trainer and have to pay wheather or not I go so I just get up and go like going to work.
I might be a couch potato the rest of the time, but those 3 days a week I just do as I’m told for an hour. It keeps me moving and this funk I’ve been in would be way worse without the 3 hours per week of exercise.

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You just have to make working out a part of your daily routine.

Do it every day for a month. After that, you will not have a problem “wanting to” work out.

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@Judi, that’s great! I can only think of one thing better and that’s someone coming to me to drag my butt into gear.

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He used to come to my house!

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Your question really isn’t about exercise it’s about the depression you feel from your losses. Your love for exercise and getting that peppy feeling will motivate you well again as time heals your grief. Noticing your habits have changed is a healthy sign you’re being honest with yourself. Just be sure to take advantages of the impulses as they come back, encourage the little seeds of fitness frame of mind, and don’t be discouraged that you’re not now in the shape you were before you’re heading toward the ever-renewing you.

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