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What do i shave with?

Asked by Mrgelastic (508points) March 5th, 2010

Ive recently started getting a lot of facial hair, and every time i use a razor for a close shave, i get a cluster of bumps on my face.

i currently use an electric razer (the ones they use in a barber shop) to trim my beard, but it doesn’t give a close enough shave.

what should i use?

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Razor bumps are generally more common among African American men. There are a number of products designed to help with the problem. I suggest going to a retailer you trust (Kheil’s?) and asking for help.

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Get a foil electric razor – they cause the least irritation, in my experience.

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Here is a product that you can use to remove shaving bumps.

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Go on ebay. Find a Gillette fatboy, that butterfly opens at the top. It should have a shorter stocky handle, and 9 settings for blade height. It’s a safety razor. The blades at wal-mart from personna are 1.87 for 10. If your beard isn’t super coarse, one side will get you a damn good shave. If your beard is coarse/you aren’t extremely cheap, use half the blade for half your face, half your blade for the other then dispose. Warm your face up with hot water before you shave, then don’t go overboard with the cream. A little dab spread thin over the whole face should be enough. figure out which way your hair grain goes, and after some practice you will figure out how to shave up or down in which area. I think each face is different so you need to figure out what is comfy for you.

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Norelco. Be sure to get the pre-conditioner.

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you’ve got to prepare your face correctly first.

switch to the original. There was never a need for anything else.

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My husband uses a good shaving cream and never gets bumps.

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My boyfriend gets razor bumps really easily as well. He shaves his face with the grain instead of against it, and just uses a regular Gillette razor, and that keeps things in order for him.

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@dpworkin, why only African American? What if they’re just African?

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@south70 and @dpworkin: I disagree about the point anyways. Perhaps men of African descent are more prone to it, but there are definitely plenty of lighter men who get razor bumps.

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Seems like a racist statement. But no, surely not.

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Boy are we touchy.

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“Razor bumps are generally more common among African American men.”


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use facial nair. You can buy it at a pharmacy or something like that. Maybe CVS or Walgreens. Target and Walmart maybe. The nair comes out like lotion and then you put it on your facial hair. Do not rub it in just let it sit. Then after it’s on there for about 3 minutes just wet a towel and rub it off. The hair comes off with it. But don’t make the mistake of buying regular nair because that is for legs and armpits. You have to buy facial nair because it’s made especially for facial hair.

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Trick. Get a hot rag wipe you face with this before you shave..Then when done shaving use the same rag and soak it in very cold water and then rub your face.

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Gilette Fusion razor. It’s the ultimate in blade shaving technology. Crazy smooth and quick. Great balance too (blades are much faster than electric shavers).

I assume the facial hair is rather new. Get in the habit of shaving ‘with the grain’ as long as it produces a satisfactory result. It will make shaving easier in the years to come.

Wait as long as possible after waking up to do your shaving. Your facial skin is filled with fluid right after you rise, getting in the way of a close shave. Give the fluid time to drain.

Wash your face before and after shaving. Noxema is both antibacterial and moisturizing. The before time removes razor clogging dirt and oil (I use a loofa rag). The after time removes complexion dulling freshly shaved off skin and hair (I use a washcloth for a nice matte finish)

Scubbing your face thoroughly is the best way to avoid ingrown hairs, the source of razor bumps. Shaving the same direction the hairs grow will help too.

I prefer non lathering shave creams, they seem to clog the razor less. Aveda’s is my favorite. not much is needed and no alcohol. Noxema works well to. Let it sit on your face while you do other washing (it and the shower steam will soften the hairs).

The more frequently you rinse the razor the better. Use long slow smooth strokes. Relax, grip the razor gently.

Pat, dont rub, your face dry with a towel and apply lotion (not anything containg drying alcohol) before your face has a chance to air dry (or else natural oils will be pulled off with the air dried water). Don’t be afraid to use plenty. Take the time to massage it in.

In a single sentence, the most importiant factor in a great shave is healthy skin.

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the only kind of electric that gives me an acceptable shave over the variety of grain in my beard is a triple head circular type. None of the others I tried took care of all my face well enough to avoid touch-up. I have mixed feelings about shaving with a genuine blade. How civilized is it to drag a very sharp blade across your face for appearance fashion? The electric makes it easier to conform w/o facing that weighty question and I can do it while seated taking care of some other morning habits and reading a favorite magazine all while paying the merest attention to the shave. I don’t even have to wake up much. With a “safety razor” I need to be awake to avoid bloodshed and be effective, never mind a straight blade. Hats off to you brave and alert souls who have mastered early morning sword fu !

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