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How can I ask a question in MEDHELP?

Asked by justanswerthequestion (106points) March 5th, 2010

It’s very hard. I don’t know how to ask a question.

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Just ask us. Among all the know-it-alls, someone can give you a decent answer.

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I had no problem with the site. Where are you encountering difficulty? Have you tried contacting their support?

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Click the Ask a Question at the top of the page.

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When i first started to ask questions on Answerbag, i wanted to make sure that i did not make an idiot of myself, so here is what i did. for two or three days, i would read other peoples questions and how they formed their words to make the best presentation. i also located my dictionary and blew the dust off of it. after two days of reading and my trusty dictionary by my side, i was ready to ask my first question. in my mind, i pretended to see my question before i typed it. after following the required formula for question-asking, i heated up my keyboard with my first question. to my surprise, i received an answer within three minutes. i was shocked. this is my procedure for asking questions here on Fluther. think before you type. if not, the strict moderators here will let you know right quick if your question does meet the citeria of Fluther. welcome and think before you type(speak).

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[Mod Says:] Hey all- Great answers but the user is not referring to Fluther. ;)

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Login in to

Create an account if you don’t already have one.

Click on Post a Question

Ask your question!

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Generic medical answer. And, the best.

Call and see your/a doctor.

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I’m still having troubles :(

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But i got it THANKS:)

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