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How sensitive is one's social security number?

Asked by delta77 (196points) March 6th, 2010

What can an evil-intentioned person do with someone else’s social security number and other basic info like name and address? I lost a job application that had all my info like this on it, worried what might happen . . . .

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They can take a credit card out in your name, make a loan, and do all sorts of stuff that will ruin your life.

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Yeah, that’s pretty bad – you shouldn’t ever disclose such info on a job application, even if asked for it.

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It’s right up there with the penis and vagina.

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It’s funny, because in the 50s (or thereabouts) the thing to do was to put your SSN on all of your important property so it could be recovered if lost or stolen.

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@kevbo, try the ‘90s. The police would lend people in neighborhood associations engraving pens to put their SS# on electronics.

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