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What kinds of things do you find "trashy"?

Asked by starshine (576points) March 7th, 2010

i grew up/live in the alaskan ghetto. people get shot, kids set fire to houses, there are gangs, people grow pot in their front windows, other people flash their neighbors from the front porch. Even growing up in a place like this, I feel like I have a touch of snotty to me. I find weird things to be of bad taste. One thing I noticed recently was that i find tinking glasses against the table to be slightly horrendous. There are lots of little things that are totally fine and acceptable to people in my neighborhood, and even the general middle class that I can’t even stand the thought of.
What kind of weird things can’t you stand?

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super fake tans, minors in mini skirts, dressing like a skank at a wedding, Lady Gaga


Girls who get into physical altercations, smoke, have potty mouths, and wear too much make-up and ill-fitting clothes! lol.

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Streets. burnt forests. people. new york city. hospitals. me.

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girls who get drunk in public and guys who think that’s okay

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Alleyways, the Tenderloin district; I don’t want to be offensive, but I just find ghetto areas to be trashy in general. But I mean, without a lot of money, you can’t exactly blame the area for having a trashy appearance and that kind of poverty often leads to trashy behavior.

I find leaving a damn beer bottle in my room that you brought in there and drank to be trashy. Pick up your damn garbage and don’t leave that crap in my room. :P

I don’t find tattoos trashy, but I think some can be and I think an overload of them is a little gross-looking, but not exactly trashy per se. I find smoking to be trashy, though.

I also find frat houses to be super trashy. :)

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One thing I can’t stand stand is walking through a field full of cow-pies. Let’s just say I had dark experiences as a child with them.

I also find bum relatives to be trashy. I have on in particular who can not hold down a job for the most ridiculous reasons. She uses food stamps to feed her four cats and two terriers. Our national taxes at work.

I can stand most things, it’s only the extreme and bizarre that get me on edge.

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hahaha I agree with pretty much all of you!
@DominicX , don’t worry I’m not offended. It is the trashiest place to live. I’m not trashy, but the place I live is! I’m in college and still live with my parents, I’m poor and can’t help it…I do have a job though.

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My dear @starshine, you honestly don’t have all day. I find many, many things trashy, starting with the neighbourhood I grew up in. Simon Cowell. Heck, most television. Las Vegas. Fast food. Snooki or whatever her name is & company. Lady GaGa. Jude Law. The fact that I know who these people are is, in and of itself, trashy.

Oh, Lord, I am trashy. Help!

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Trampstamps, poor grammar, and scat porn.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I’m curious, are just the ‘tramp stamps’ trashy, or the people who have tramp stamps? Because I have a ‘tramp stamp’

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Ditto on the poor grammar. Also upholstered furniture and appliances on the front porch/out in the yard, women wearing clothing that’s too small for them or low cut/skimpy clothes at work, unshined dress shoes on men and pants that puddle on the ground, showing underwear on either gender, facial tattoos and multiple facial piercings.

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@PandoraBoxx What’s so important about snut grammar?

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people who give other people a hard time for simple mistakes in spelling and grammar

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I work with college educated people, including our receptionist. The phone should not be answered “Who was you holding for?” I should clarify that it’s spoken grammatical errors that send me up a wall, more than written errors. People should not get out of high school, let alone college, saying “Me and Billy went to the concert,” or “Where you at?”

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@PandoraBoxx What’s wrong with it? Lot’s of people talk thet way, and get way w/ it. Why is college different?

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But how do people learn proper grammar? In schools by teachers and/or teacher. I don’t blame the person, I blame their education

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I think girls who always wear too much make up, tanning and they just really look fake.

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@Violet, don’t worry, I was being sarcastic-ish.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard no worries. I know it’s called a tramp stamp for a reason.

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@Violet, I’m sure you pull yours off smashingly ;-)

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard lol, I actually had a friend who’s an artist design it for me, so it’s really a work of art. I don’t think it’s trashy, but I can understand why some people would think that because of its location

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i also find rude people trashy even thought they think that by putting others down they are elevating themselves. Really they are just showing that they are selfish.

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@starshine Give us an example.

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@MRSHINYSHOES Yes girls should never fart, or belch neither.

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dirty snow, blow up dolls, and missing teeth

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I agree with those that find girls who go overboard with the fake tan trashy. Who looks in the mirror and thinks to themselves “yes, the Oompa Loompa look is amazing”???

I also find the Playboy logo to be quite trashy especially when I see very young girls wearing it.

People that go out on a very regular basis with the sole intention of getting stinking drunk to the point where they can’t walk or talk and are throwing up in the street, I find them to be very trashy.

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Oh, oh, oh, I have a real answer now! Prostatots! And by that, I mean little girls who have been dressed up by their parents to look like hookers.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I agree. Creepy, creepy, CREEPY!

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Smoking, drinking, skinny jeans on dudes, the Betti Page look, dyed hair, studded belts and wrist bands, heavy eye makeup, excessive jewelry.

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People who are clearly disingenuine and try much too hard to be something they’re not (younger, sexier, smarter).

I know some people who are so committed to this facade, that if you mention it to them they deny it outright and get defensive. It’s exhausting.

I decided a while ago to avoid these people as much as possible.

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I have a few on my list but when I read FutureMemory’s “skinny jeans on dudes”,that made me forget about mine.make it stop lol

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People who serve food with exposed tattoos, i consider trashy and have no place in the food-serving business. i do not judge a book by looking at its cover, most of the time, but, servers wearing tattoos up and down their arms gives the food a hint of uncleanliness, especially if the server is smoking.

Fake boobs i consider trashy. for most women, its a an ego trip and not necessary.

Loud boom boxes and most rap music, i consider trashy. 85% of rap music is aimed at downing society.

Strip clubs i consider trashy. they set a bad example for children.

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Celebrity gossip rags about trashy people like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

Reality t.v. shows.

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Earbuds. Almost all of them, excluding the $100+ pairs that you never see more than once or twice in your life.

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People who feel like they have the right to label someone else as trashy is pretty trashy.

Aside from that, if there is a lot of garbage around, well, that would be trashy.

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^ what tiny said. GA!

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Additions on house trailers and overgrown lawns are trashy looking. So are women with beards.

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Not washing hands after using the restroom.

Talking while chewing food.

Getting into a bed with dirty feet.

Spitting in public and snorting back snot.

Men who talk with men in front of women about other women, referring to them as pussy, bitches, cooze.

Dirty diapers left in parking lots.

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@Neizvestnaya Yes! A thousand great answers! :)


@mammal I didn’t know girls were capable of farting or belching! Lol.

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@MRSHINYSHOES i hate to be the harbinger of bad news :)

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Men who talk with men in front of women about other women, referring to them as pussy, bitches, cooze.

Men who talk like that, period. It doesn’t matter if there are women around, a man that spews that shit really gets on my fucking nerves big time.

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Most reality TV shows are trashy.

Most of the Fox News programing is trashy.

Public places that are strewn with litter, cigarette butts, used condoms and syringes are trashy,

People who go on endlessly about things about which they are truly ignorant are trashy.

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@john65pennington can you please explain this comment you made: “most of the time, but, servers wearing tattoos up and down their arms gives the food a hint of uncleanliness”

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Reality tv. Celebrity hype.

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Basically everything Chavy…. White Adidas tracksuits, Burberry, thick gold jewellery, tucking your tracksuit into your socks, modified cars, loud dance music in a car, visible thongs, tramp stamps….. so, many things!

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