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Do you hate people who hate the world? Why?

Asked by Everest (318points) March 7th, 2010

What happened to free to be me?

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I don’t hate them, but I find misanthropes and the like to be tiresome and no one I want to associate with. If it’s truly free, you’ll respect my preference to not be around them.

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@DominicX said it beautifully.

Hateful people are toxic and make life difficult. It’s hard to get up in the morning when all you hear is how awful this or that is, or how despicable the world is. I choose not to associate with them. I have better things to do then listen to a flow of vile complaining. It’s hard not to dislike someone who can only speak continuous negativity and hate.

You’re free to be you. And the world is free to feel as it does about an individual’s character. The world is not obligated to smile and grovel at a hateful person’s feet. :)

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I think with every bad thing there is, or will, be a good thing. When I tell people the good things, they see that and see my side better. I think that’s a good way to help people not see the hateful side of life. It’s always easier to see the bad, so that’s why there’s more hate, I think.

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I don’t. If you have well-researched, intelligent opinions on topics I’m interested in, I’d be interested in hearing them. On the other hand, if you’re only vaguely familiar with what you’re bitching about and show no interest in solutions, I’ll likely ignore you or issue a one-liner quip that will kill the conversation.

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@ArtiqueFox , I totally agree with you. I decide I don’t want to be one of those people, because not only is complainging chronic, its catching! I want to be a joy to be around and being a whiner does not equal joy. I catch myself complaing a lot when other people are doing it. and who does it benefit? no one. not once have I come out of a complaint session feeling better about something, with one exception, and that was because of a work conflict that was resolved thereafter.

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I don’t know anyone that hates the world.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir You’re eyes were just opened. moi.

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@Everest you hate the world? what about it do you hate, exactly?

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Most people hate the world when they are 14. Don’t worry. You’ll grow out of it. hopefully

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir People fuck each other and the planet. Wildlife ain’t better. It shits and kills. Everything is for itself, and doesn’t give a dam about someone other self. Bloody and cold < what a world.

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@Everest Well, let me open your eyes: many of us know this and lead our life in a way to counteract both the fact that others fuck people over and that others fuck the planet over. There is always hope and there are always activists fighting for just causes – you can be one of them while you’re here on this planet – don’t be a waste of skin.

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I hate the people who hate, the people who hate the world…...

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@ShiningToast brofist

@Everest, sure the world is cold and selfish and all that jazz, but it’s also awesome. For every dead furry woodland critter, there is a super cool robot on mars or something; for every war, there is a smash blockbuster written about it. Ya gotta take the bad with the good.

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To hate someone is a boring thing.

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@ooyokuoo Unless we make it good an ugly.

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This question is stupid.

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@FutureMemory Dare ya to say that with yr shades off. why am I bothering, His memory is fixed in the future, so a past question is obsolete.

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This hateful phase should pass by the time you get to college. I wish you the best until then, I know how painful it is sitting around your parents living room in anguish over the state of the world while you look at porn and play WoW.
If we only knew the depths of your tortured angry soul…

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If you fill your time with hating, you have no space for love. Your very act of being hateful prevents you from enjoying the beauty of the world and the love of everyone else around you.
It’s a sad way to live your life.

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I shall let no man make me stoop so low, as to make me hate him.

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Fortunately most people are OK with their world and those who hate their world often do so just for the sake of hating and to blame something else than themselves for their laziness to not get up and change their world to their liking.

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I don’t think of them much ;)

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Hate is over rated.

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I don’t discriminate. I hate everybody.

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And, hate spelled backwards is Etah.
An abandoned village in northern Greenland.

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Nah I don’t hate them. Then again, I’m a bear-a-bitter-grudge-against-the-entire-human-race kinda person, so I may be a little biased…

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I don’t hate such people. However, I would avoid spending time with people like this at all costs. They are negative & suck the energy out of everyone around them. Each to their own, but as @DominicX said so eloquently, I have the freedom of choice to decide not to be around them.
I do know one girl in particular who complains about everything. She’s a pretty unhappy person, so it must be draining the life out of her too.

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I love it when you hate me.

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I hate folks on a person by person basis. Hating based on broad generalizations leads politics and religion.

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I don’t hate. Someone who feels hate for the entire world has a very serious personal problem, though.

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I don’t bother to hate those folks, but I avoid their company. Hate is slow poison both to oneself and to others.

A person is free to be himself, and he is also welcome to whatever consequences his attitude and behavior bring him from the rest of the world.

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What happend to “Free to be me”? nothing. You are free to be you and people are free to treat you like garbage for it.

As for people who hate the world, i don’t hate them, i just don’t see the point in them.

Like emos, who say that life sucks and they want to die and then keep on bitching and moaning without actually doing anything about it. Want to die? then die. Don’t want to? then don’t fucking bitch about it, it is that simple. And the same goes for “hating the world” change it or leave, bitching and sulking don’t make life better for anyone.

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Be the change you want to see in the world.

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If you see a loved one dying before you, do you not hate what causes it? Maybe world-haters just see things you have long forgotten, or have learned to ignore. It is more deadly to fall in with people who drink their poison with a spoonfull of sugar than those that do it with the appropriate grimace and scream of rage.

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@zophu The world kills my loved ones specifically?

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But why does the negative always have more weight than the positive? Why should it always “win”? I don’t agree with that mindset.

I get it. Bad things happen. That doesn’t mean I need to “hate the world”. People who “hate the world” are no more “enlightened” than people who don’t. There is no wisdom in hating the world. To me, that is just as blind as pretending that everything is positive all the time.

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You can’t be negative all the time, you can’t be positive all the time. But a part of wisdom is accepting that Humanity is in turmoil. You don’t have to be sad about it all the time, none of us can be without getting so sick we become cripple. But you must accept it. There is much sadness and frustration in this acceptance. That does not mean you should not be happy, when the times are appropriate; but remember:

Happiness is not purpose.

Purpose demands much from the individual who attempts to live with it. A part of the sacrifice, is understanding both the negative and the positive—understanding that we as Humanity have a closer relationship to one before the other, at least for now. It is a necessary honesty one must share with themselves if they are to help in any effective way; it is no excuse to give up. In fact, it is those that refuse to give up the beautiful things that are most distressed.

Don’t fall into the ideas society promotes so desperately:

“You’re supposed to be happy, being a normal, predictable member of society.”

We have to be challenged, we have to be abnormal, we have to be something new to adapt to this new world. And that is not, by any means, a painless process.

Don’t be negative about everything, but don’t use the folly of that behavior to justify attempts to be equally foolish in absolute opposition.

P.S. I wrote this while drunk. At 10:45 A.M.. So, read it as it is.

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I don’t know about you, but I don’t “try” to be anything in regards to happiness and sadness. I am what I am. I tend to be a more positive and optimistic person, so I don’t dwell on the negative. That’s just the way I am and I am glad because what I see of dwelling on the negative is: no success, dissatisfaction, depression, and suicide. How is that any way to go through life? Clearly that is not any kind of “intended” option.

You say “humanity is in turmoil”. What does that mean? Being an optimistic person does not mean that I do not acknowledge that everyone experiences negative things and everyone reacts to them in different ways. If something calls for me to be sad or angry, then that is what I will be. There is nothing wrong with sadness or anger. Those are natural emotions that everyone feels and sometimes they are appropriate. I don’t try to be happy for anyone’s sake. I simply am most of the time.

The problem to me is when all a person feels is sadness and anger, or feels them the majority of the time. Do they ever describe their lives as fulfilling? Probably not. They probably say they are dissatisfied, they want something else, or they are not happy. The fact of the matter is that humans naturally avoid negativity and seek positivity. And there is nothing wrong with that. But optimism is not about pretense; it’s not about ignoring negativity; it’s about seeing a possibility for change where someone else would just give up and throw in the towel.

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I agree. I hope I didn’t try to attack optimism. I was only trying to defend the sadness and anger that so many people I’ve grown up with ignored or otherwise condemned.

You have to be sad, to be honest. You have to be angry, to be honest. But, you have to be hopeful to get anything done, so it’s best to find something that includes all three emotions. When you can’t handle the sadness and anger of honesty, there’s usually not much harm in taking a break for a little joy, but know that you’re going to have to step back into the battlefield sooner or later if anything’s going to be done.

Witnessing true beauty is accompanied with the pain and rage of understanding how society neglects or even actively condemns that beauty. Make that apart of your drive. Happiness, is not purpose, and it will not drive you to meaningful actions alone.

Not to say I’m not too negative. I am. But, I’m in a process of accepting some very unacceptable things. It’s not easy. And it would not be necessary if generations before us were strong enough to deal with the tragedies of their existence instead of passing them down. But here we are; here I am. Having to accept a debt unpaid. And having to accept the nonacceptance of my peers. The burden is on top of us all. But only some of us will choose to help carry it. Ironically, that wont increase the chances of survival for those who do over those who look up at them and laugh. In fact, those who hold the weight will be crushed slightly before the others are because they stand while the others lay on the ground in active leisure.

Optimism will find all the opportunities in life, usually those laid out for you previously; he optimist will eat the first berry bush they come across, while the realist will be suspicious of it’s edibility—people lay traps for those they wish to control; nature has it’s lethality. Sometimes, it makes more sense to be sad; more sense to be angry; more sense to be doubtful. It makes productivity a mute point in most conventions. But in revolution, these things are crucial.

we need revolution

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I just don’t see sadness and anger as defaults. I see them as necessary emotions when the time presents itself for those emotions. Like I said, all people do experience them whether they show it or not. For me, it isn’t about ignoring sadness and anger in favor of joy, it’s about feeling them in different times when different situations present themselves to me. Sadness and anger are not defaults that I need to “fall back” on.

We need sadness and anger to drive actions, but we also need happiness. Sadness and anger drive actions in the direction of change to avoid, happiness drives actions in the direction of change to embrace. Neither one is more important than the other. If people simply ignored sadness and anger, then nothing would ever change and the cycle would simply repeat itself. True happiness is not ignoring sadness and anger; it is an absence of sadness and anger, even if that absence is temporary.

I’m just presenting my views; I don’t expect people to agree with them.

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Sure, temporary happiness is great. But it’s too often synthesized by systems set up only to perpetuate the things that are causes for sadness and anger.

We could go on all day, I think we pretty much agree. It’s clear that I lean a bit more towards the neg side of things, while you go more towards the positive. It’s elements in our personal lives that decide this, I guess. No reason for it to force a disagreement on the necessity of one emotion over the other.

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It’s elements in our personal lives that decide this, I guess.

I was actually just about to say that. It does seem that we pretty much agree. All I know is that I am getting out of life what I want to get out of it, and I am by no means afraid of feeling sadness or anger. I embrace it when it comes. And I am always for change.

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