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What are the requirements for costumed designed Gerber label?

Asked by bstar3 (182points) March 7th, 2010

My girlfriend and I are doing this for my sons birthday party, But we need to know how do we design this? Also…..

What kind of paper we would print this on?

What is the size? So far we came up with 2 by 9 inches. is that good enough?

Will putting cartoons like Nemo on the label would get us introuble? Is Nemo copyrighted?

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Oh – do you mean custom designed?

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Yes, sorry about that.

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I would go to an office supply store and buy appropriate sized laser printer labels paper. You can design the labels using Word or a graphics program template for that size labels and then print them on a color inkjet printer. (If you don’t have a color printer, you can take them to a copy shop like Kinko’s.) The Nemo image is probably copyrighted, but if you want to take a chance since you are using it for home use, you probably won’t get into trouble.

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Yeah, we designed everything in Photoshop. Now we don’t know what kind of paper we should print it on.

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See my first sentence above. You want to buy laser labels.

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