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Drama savvy Flutherites: are you aware of any humorous duo scripts?

Asked by ArtiqueFox (974points) March 7th, 2010

A friend of mine and I decided to do duet acting for an upcoming speech meet. There’s one problem: we have both been searching the internet for scripts and finished with zilch. There appears to be no scripts appropriate for our situation (two female actors in high school). Most have adult content or the like. This is an issue because the audience includes forth graders.

If anyone out there knows of something that might work, please tell! This is your cue to become the hero. :)

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How long a script do you need?
Would a single scene from a longer work do?
Do both characters have to be female, or can one or both of you take a male part?
Does it have to work without any set (even rudimentary) or props?

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“Fox Rox.” Its about two smart mouthed vixens that trot down the highway, growling facts, and then get run over at rush hour. ”It fits you to the last atom.”

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Waiting for Godot.

Sorry, disregard. I forgot to read the rest of your question. This might not be interesting to fourth graders.

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@Jeruba The script length itself doesn’t matter. Yes, a scene for a more major work or a small independent story will do, but the play has to last from five to eight minutes. The female identity of both characters is non-essential. Oh yes, the coordinator made one particular rule in stone: Monty Python and the like is absolutely out.

@Everest “It fits you well, down to the last atom.” If you must quote me, at least do it correctly.

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I would do a humorous children’s book. Go check out the kid’s section at Barnes & Noble! I used to do this sort of thing, it’s alot of fun. We always did children’s books, funny and accessible for everybody.

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@ShiningToast That’s a fresh idea – thanks! :)

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Matt & Ben. No reason you two can’t play Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

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Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde has a funny scene between Gwendolen and Cecily in Act II. It is excerpted from a play so I don’t know if you need to explain some context (they are both in love with a man whose name is “Ernest” but it’s actually two different friends who take on this assumed name in order to have an excuse get out of awkward situations), but I find it (and indeed the whole play) hilarious.
—> start from Gwendolen’s entrance.

Though hmm. May be a bit wordy for fourth graders. Ah well.

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Thelma and Louise comes to mind…cherry pick the script

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Take a scene from “Sense and Sensibility” or “Little Women”.

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