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What do you carry around in your handbag / purse?

Asked by partyparty (9162points) March 9th, 2010

I have just purchased a new handbag / purse, and it has taken me 20 minutes to empty the old one, and transfer my things to the new one.

I can’t believe just how many items I carry around in my handbag each day i.e. my purse, a mirror, umbrella, keys, mobile ‘phone etc etc. The list goes on and on. As a result I always have to buy a very large handbag.

Do you carry around a lot of things in your handbag / purse? What do you carry around in your handbag / purse? Do you, like me, have to purchase large handbags / purses in order to accommodate everything or do you manage with just a small handbag?

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I have found the larger my handbag the more sh*t I will carry around in it. Relativity is the name of the game! I hate handbags. I don’t see why we need to carry them anyway, seeing men don’t. On that topic how do men manage!! In my handbag today is, a massive purse almost to big for the handbag (I went smaller). Lipsticks about four. Lip gloss? sheesh why so many lips things?? lady thingys! cigarettes (yes I know bad). Four pens (why four?). Blackberry, a software disk for a financial program, business cards (good networking) my own business cards.

No brush or comb? (strange) no blush, also strange considering I am always pale no tissues, no band-aids no perfume. I think my handbag and it’s contents need a rethink. Thanks for a great question!

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By nature, I’m a pocket-stuffer. When I do carry a handbag, here is the list:
juice box
collapsible grocery sack
weird bits of ‘stuff’ that end up in the bottom of the purse.

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A bit of an echo in here?

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I have weeded out everything except the bare essentials, and carry it all in a fanny pack. I make sure my car glove box is stocked with some essentials as well, and that helps.

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Do man bags count?

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My little thing of mace,mascara,lip gloss,a razor &...well it’s the cross dressers ball tonight.I do want to look my best.Oh dear what have I done..ahem moving swiftly on.Nothing to see hear.

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I recently was forced to buy a smaller handbag because like most women I always ended up carrying the world around with me. I kid you not I always carried things like a little sewing kit, a little screwdriver (well, you never know lol) hairbrush, make up, a book for when I’m on the bus, you see what I’m getting at :-) I have rhuematoid arthritis and these last few years it has gotten progressively more painful and difficult to cope with. So in my much smaller handbag, I have….. a comb, mobile phone, purse containing money and bank card etc, my inhalers (not safe to be anywhere without them) concealer (to hide the panda circles under my eyes) meds (painkillers etc) tissues, one of those tiny bottles of gel (anti bacteriel for hands) and house keys. Thats about it.
hugs honeys xx

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Duct tape,
Swiss army knife
wallet with credit cards, ID, $ etc.
meds for anything that might attack me like a headache or sinus issues
3 pens and one pencil
lip stuff
tiny toothbrush
depending on my day others things like papers or an umbrella

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A variety of things.The two most important are my wallet and “Ragin’ Red” lipstick.

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I never carry too much because I hate carrying it around in the first place. I just have my wallet, keys, lip gloss and phone.

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pocket calendar
mini flash light,
tiny spray can of mace,
cell phone,
business cards,
compact of face powder
asthma inhaler,
a thing of post it notes (why is that in there?)
to do list and shopping list
metal nail file

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@Just_Justine Yes, I often wonder how men manage without a handbag. Thanks for your answer
@gemiwing Wow I don’t feel quite so bad about the contents of my handbag now LOLL
@ChazMaz Ooh yes please… man bags. Tell all !!!
@YARNLADY I really wish I could be as organised as you. I carry my world around with me, thanks
@bunnygrl So you think I should get a smaller handbag? But I am so very tempted to carry everything around with me LOLL

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I carry such a huge amount of rubbish around with me every day.
My bag weighs a ton. I can never find what I’m looking for in it.
Lip balm
& as has already been mentioned, lots of weird “stuff” that floats around the bottom of my bag

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LOL @lucillelucillelucille nope, you rock more lol <throws hugs> xx

@partyparty nah, be prepared :-) if I could, I’d still be carrying the world around with me lol hugglys xx

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Sometimes a small makeup bag (powder, brushes, comb, brush, ponytail band, eyeliner, lipgloss, carmex, kleenex, mascara, compact mirror)
small notepad
house keys
business cards

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I have a small bag unless I’m carrying schoolbooks in it; and I plan to keep this system :)
I always have my phone, chapstick, mirror, eyeliner, wallet, keys, perfume.

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You name it—I have a Mary Poppins bag.

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@ChazMaz call ‘em bags, you freakazoid, :)

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I like that website so I take pics of what’s in my bags over the years – here are the results.

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@lucillelucillelucille So you are able to manage with a small handbag?
@Kokoro I wish I could be so organised.
@escapedone7 Love your answer. I am exactly the same, wish I could manage with less things… but just in case… I have to tote them around all the time LOLL
@stardust Yes, it’s almost quite exciting when clearing out a handbag isn’t it? I am never quite sure exactly what I am likely to find LOL
@aprilsimnel So a large handbag then? Ha ha!!
@thriftymaid I adore your answer… so amusing, thanks :-)

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@bunnygrl I really have tried to limit what I carry around with me. I reduce the items to about six, swap and change the items, then end up putting them all back LOLL

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when I do carry a handbag, i will bring:
juice box

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