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If you could choose between more intelligence and more wisdom, which would you pick?

Asked by Nullo (21944points) March 9th, 2010

This assumes that you’d have normal levels of whichever you didn’t pick, not a total lack.

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wisdom – I’ve known plenty of super intelligent reckless loudmouths in my day who never knew when to hush

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Wisdom. It’s the type of intelligence you gain from life experiences and actually apply to yourself and others.
There are plenty of intelligent people, but if you don’t use your intelligence, it doesn’t really make you wise.

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Wisdom. If you are wise enough, you can convince intelligent people to work for you.

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With intelligence one can garner more wisdom.So,intelligence it is…or a bag ‘o hammers ;)lol

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Definitions, please.

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I always wanted to be wise.

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Intelligence defines. Wisdom refines.

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Wisdom – I do like the controversy.

Wisdom is a form of intelligence that cant be gauged.

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Wisdom. I’m satisfied with the amount of intelligence I already have.

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Knowing others is wisdom—knowing yourself is enlightenment.

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This choice is most often seen in role playing video-games. Magicians need more intelligence while wizards should favor wisdom. Whatever you do don’t apply your level up towards agility unless you are a thief!

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Wisdom allows you to best utilize what ever intelligence you have. No brainer there!

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Wisdom. Just seems I could do a lot more with that, in the long run.

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Since I am yet to meet an intelligent fool,
I have to say they are both one and the same.

Wise people are intelligent and intelligent people are wise.

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I can rest in wisdom but intelligence I have to work at. So I choose wisdom as it requires less work.

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Wisdom is the product of knowledge and experience. Intelligence helps you to build up complex knowledge and get more depth of experience. So there’s an important link between the two. To choose and use just one won’t give you any benefits.

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I want more self power to act on the stuff I’ve already got!

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Wisdom. I’ll teach my computer to be all the intelligence I need. ;)

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Intelligence. More advantages,as long as you don’t harm other people.

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Can I pick less of both?

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@talljasperman: Watch all the Obama speeches.

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I feel that I have wisdom and would like more intelligence, please.

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