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How do I get my SWF to load properly in IE8?

Asked by astonishdesigns (18points) March 9th, 2010

My website is getting stuck as IE8 tries to download a SWF file. I’ve read that you can try reinstalling IE8 or Flash to fix this, but it doesn’t seam like a good solution. Any ideas?

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Get a real internet browser, not IE8. I personally recommend Google Chrome or Opera.

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I believe he is designing a website, in which case it needs to function properly with all browsers, even the bad ones.

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@Ivan Good point. If that’s the case, then IE8 is a definite bench mark for performance. Make sure it runs in all browsers, but especially that one.

As for your problem, I’m not sure how to fix it. My deepest apologies.

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Can you post a link to the site? I wouldn’t mind looking it over and seeing if I can find the problem.

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Yeah, I have real browsers, but many of our customers don’t. The site having problems is You’ll see that firefox and safari load properly, but IE does not. I haven’t checked earlier versions of IE… Just IE8.

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To fix this problem, I updated my version of Flash to version 10. It seemed to help IE8 load the swf file, but the page still only loaded inconsistently. I looked at the error and it turns out that mootools.js was throwing an error. So I upgraded the mootools.js to 1.2.4 and that seemed to fix the site. It now loads like a dream!

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