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On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest of priorities in your life, where does music rank for you?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11431points) March 9th, 2010

Let’s quantify how important music is to us.
Bonus points awarded if you can elaborate beyond just posting a number.

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About a 7. Music inspires my writing and my writing is my career.

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3 1 being money. 2 being Money and 3 being music.

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4 Motivates but is always in the background.

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Five. Music is a great way to keep me focused on my writing (I can handle it as one distraction…I find my home life without it an endless forest of distraction) and other projects. Music can edge me into the mood I wish to be in at a particular time. Music, if its the right genre, can sooth my frayed nerves.

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It ranks at about 8.I have it on day and night and have pretty much given up the tv for it :)
I am driving 3 hours in 2 nights to see one of my favorites play and am very excited about it:))

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I’d say a 7. Family, friends, responsibilities & then music.

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Of courst all is fluid. Right now I am planning/scheming on how to send my son to the college of his choice.

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Music helped me through some very rough times in my life.
When I was really little, I was left home alone a lot, and the record player was one of the few things that I could reach and operate. So I always had The Beatles playing to keep me from being alone and afraid.
Through my middle/high school career, music calmed me down when I was feeling the worst. There were times where I’d take a walk with plans of ending everything, and I’d have my iPod with me. I’d end up sitting down and listening to music for a few hours until my mind was clear enough to realize I was making a mistake.
As cliche as it may be, music has kept me alive.

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I have to go with a solid 6.
Important enough that it makes me happy but not so important as to neglect other more important things.

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As I’ve gotten older it’s moved down the rank. Used to be 7 or 8, now it’s a 5.

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About a 6.

There are times when music is the only thing that can affect me, but on a daily basis, it’s little more than background.

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It used to be, like, 8.
Now, 6 or 7.
I’m a dancer, and music is what moves me! But lately I’ve found other things that matter more. I’m talking about the people I love.

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Eh it’s probably a 3 – I can take it or leave it…my life doesn’t revolve around music but there is a lot of music in it given that my partner is a singer and a musician and that our home is filled with instruments…hell, he’s next to me right now humming at his keyboard with those giant headphones on, writing out notation for this next song..and we make sure the kids take music classes and play instruments and listen to music all the time…

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It varies.

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@rangerr Sounds more like a 10 to me, given that it saved your life!

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1 or 2. On the very rare occasion that I listen to music, I usually dislike it or quickly get bored. Even the music I like get’s annoying to me after about 20 minutes.

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7. But only because I’m in a band. Just listening to it, it would probably be around 5.

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9.5. The only time I don’t have music playing is when I’m asleep.

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@ivan Me too….maybe a 1 or 2…..and even what I like gets boring. rarely use my ipod. Never ever have it on at home. Never in the car. Always listening to audiobooks though as I drive.

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I’d say 8.

No, I don’t listen to it constantly, but I absolutely love it. I listen to all kinds of music ranging from 1600s baroque music to Miley Cyrus. I also compose a bit and play the piano/keyboard.

This is why I have such a difficult time choosing between deaf and blind. Blind seems worse by default, but to never hear music again…that would be tough.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities I have music on when I’m asleep too.

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5(only for jazz and classical music). It’s one of the best way to relax your mind.

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You always have to one-up me, don’t you @rangerr? ~

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities and @rangerr Hold on, can I change my answer to 9.51?

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I was backward. 10 money 9 money 8 music 7 food 6 friends 5 privacy 4 GUNS Bwahaha 3 money 2 Secks 1 stupid people.

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I’d put it at 4. I really like it, and I listen to it a lot, but it has little bearing/demands little time in the general scope of my life.


About 7. Music is enjoyable. Adds spice to my life. Energizes me. Pulls on my emotions and puts a smile on my face or tears in my eyes. But it can never replace more important things like family, the wonders of nature, my children, a good night’s sleep——things that are more tangible. I am affected by music, but I realize that they are only “notes” that affect my emotional senses and nothing else.

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As per listening? Id give it a 7. I always have it on in the morning, always gets me off on the right foot. Aswell as any inbetwwen time, but I dont really listen to it that much at home.

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probably 10, or further back on my list.

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One, maybe two tops? I have many priorities.

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removed by me because I misread the question
Sorry, when I hear a 1–10 rating system, 1 is usually, well, number 1.
Music is last on my scale of 1–10.

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@Violet It says in the question…

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I’m sorry. This one goes to 11, baby!!

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It is far down the list way behind air, food, water, housing sex, family, friends, work, pets. I’d give it a 1 or 2. I could live without it easily.
When my radio is on, I listen to NPR.

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8.5. The only things more important to me than music is my family and my dog. For over 20 years I’ve been involved in the local folk scene as an amateur singer. I can’t imagine a day without music let alone a life without it.

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Probably 6 or 7. My boyfriend, dogs and earning enough money to survive are 10, 9 and 8 on my priorities list.

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It’d be between a 7 – 8.
Music inspires me in so many ways. It motivates me, restores calm, reminds me of the beauty surrounding me, helps lift depression at times… I could go on

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9 for me. It calms me down, and also makes me feel alive (cheesy, but, true).

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7 or 8. Especially African music. Makes me want to dance allll day.

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Most of my life it was in the 9–10 range, but as work took over, it’s very sadly turned into more like a 3. I pop out of it from time to time and indulge at level 10 for months, then it just doesn’t seem as practical when obligations start crowding in.

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Bad Things

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One. That’s pretty high actually. It’s easy to name nine things that are more important.

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Abraham Maslow cranked out a Hierarchy of Needs (you read it from the bottom up). There are those who take issue with it, but it’s a decent starting point.
I can’t believe I’m bringing him up; I’m sick unto death of that stupid thing.

Why? Talk shows are much more interesting than National Proletariat Radio.

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I saw this question differently than some people, it seems. I didn’t see it as putting music on a list of 10 important things. That would mean that I think that of all the things in the world, music is the 3rd most important. I saw it more as giving a rating of importance to something on an individual level. I rated music as an “8”, but there could be 10 things with an “8” rating.

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Bonus points awarded for referencing the Hierarchy of Needs.
We need more of that sort of thing here.

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@Captain_Fantasy Well, make with the awarding already! :P

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I did what I could. They only let me click that button once per answer.

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