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Does it surprise you when some people are just now hitting 5 or 10K?

Asked by Val123 (12684points) March 10th, 2010

Some of those folks are so cool and wonderful you just assume they have about 100,000K by now….and then you see they just hit 5 or 10! It consistently takes me by surprise….

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I don’t usually look at the numbers.
Are we supposed to pay attention to those?

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Numbers? whoa? I thought those have been out of existence since the release of the number muncher.

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@wilma I don’t look at the numbers either, which is why it takes me by surprise when you see, over on the right, that gemiwing just hit 10, Phillis just hit 5, Dr. Seek Kolinahr just hit 5…I assumed those cool guys had passed those milestones a long

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@Pseudonym Now you’re yankin my chain!!! (But thank you!)

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You’re very welcome.

P.S. I still miss that Helen Keller thread

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Sometimes it is a surprise when someone has taken a long time to reach a milestone and sometimes it is a surprise that someone has reached one so quickly.

It is the mystery of lurve.

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@Pseudonym LOL! It seems to have gone blind and deaf and quit talking!
@marinelife Well, my race is going to slow dramatically now that I’m working. My husband is out of town, which is the only reason I’m on this late. That and I’m almost too tired to do it.

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They’re just pacing themselves. Rome wasn’t built in a day, you know?~

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I get the opposite. I see people that hit 10K and I think, “Who is that?”

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@johnpowell I think that that would be because when you joined fluther, lurve was much harder to get. But due to lurve inflation, 10K is much more common.

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@Pseudonym I wondered about that…...

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@Pseudonym :: I had just looked into this. My first quip was 9056. That is kinda insane since there are now over a million.

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A quip is a response to a question.

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It surprises the hell out of me every time I get lurve for an answer. Or a quip, even.

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