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Where can you meet straightedge people?

Asked by killerkadoogen (421points) March 10th, 2010

I know the best place to probably meet people who are straightedge is at shows. But I have no idea how to find shows… Google really isn’t helping much either.. Any help? I am in South Jersey..

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Define straight edge.

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What the feck are you talking about?

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Check to see if Minor Threat or A.F.I are playing near you. And sXe is silly.

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I have done a little drafting before and am straightforward.A double threat,I am.

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I am SO glad to see someone else asking this. I’d like to know what a straightedge person is myself, but I’ve already asked one stupid question tonight.

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I would say try to find a restaurant that features that type of music, or watch the newspapers for bands playing in your area.

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Here’s a Straight Edge forum You might be able to link up with other like minded people in your community here.

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Middle schools.

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@yarnlady Thanks. It looks like it’s mostly in German (?) but there are a lot of links for the US to, in “international

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Straightedge people?
How about Queen Elizabeth? I hear she’s a ruler.

ha ha ha I’ll be here all week, folks!

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@filmfann She makes declarations by the yard!

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If you lived in our community, I’d tell you to Go to where The Scene is, and look for kids with black X’s on the back of their hands. You can usually find out where the shows are by asking at a local music, used book, or games shop.

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just look for local venues that have punk or hardcore acts play. There will be straight edge kids there even if there aren’t straight edge bands. Just look for the X tats.

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at the local police station(not the ones in cuffs)...churches, ect

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At the Yard Stick Pub!

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You probably are more aware than I am which bands have a straightedge following. Follow them on MySpace/Facebook/Twitter for show info… though I find it easier just to use’s events listings (ex: ) might have a straight edge group for your area.

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Volunteer for Food Not Bombs and ask the punk looking volunteers if there’s any straight edge community nearby. Go to tribal gatherings. Volunteer. Feed. Plot. Overgrow.

I don’t know your area so I can’t be more specific. Food Not Bombs usually posts info at health food stores and colleges. Food Not bombs isn’t necessarily straight edge, and neither are tribal gatherings, but both will lead you to your friends

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It seems to me that you could meet them at a Mormon church. ;-)

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Check your local Law Firms :)

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