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Which do you consider to be the worst type of pain?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20727points) March 11th, 2010

I know all types of pain can be unbearable, but do you think some top it all, for example toothache can be a tought one. What do you think?

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Kidney stones.

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I think emotional pain can be more unbearable than physical pain.

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1. Paper Cut
2. Child Birth
3. Watch Marathon Man if you want to find out 0_o

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a wooden or metallic splinter under your toe…how can something so small cause sooooo much discomfort and pain when left unattended.

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groin kick or knee kick in the upper thigh

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I haven’t had a kidney stone (yet) so I’m going to go with tooth pain.

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Worst physical pain for me are those debilitating intestinal cramps that I would get sometimes when I was younger.

Haven’t had one since 9/12/07 (yes, I remember the date) and that one lasted 50 minutes and it was during school. It was so excruciating, I was sweating and I could barely stand up. I just wanted to scream…

Also, that time I fell on/off my bike and the gear put 5 gashes in my leg. It didn’t hurt right away, but it was the burning pain that followed afterwards that made me want to cry. That was also in 2007. Crazy year. :)

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i have to assume childbirth and passing stones through your urethra are 2 of the most painful things ever. however, having done neither, i have to say that for sure, mouth pain is the worst. i really believe there is nothing like it (aside from stones or birth). it’s just a different type of pain than any other part of your body, in my opinion. I HATE IT. neckaches are almost as bad.

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a charley horse

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My father had kidney stones 2 years ago, and he’s a tough man. I had never seen anyone complain like that before.

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Ischemic pain is the worst type of pain.

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i’ve heard that passing kidney stones is more painful than giving birth? can anyone attest to that?

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Heartache and loss
Child birth
Kidney stones
Having a root filling

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Stepping on a Lego in the dark with bare feet.

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Stubbing your toe????

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I’ll take childbirth over a toothache any day.

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Having an operation and you are not sleeping, you can feel the knife and everything ?

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Childbirth is mild compared to pain like Neuralgia (particularly sciatica) and also Ischemic pain. That’s bad stuff.

Broken bones can be pretty bad too if they are crushed and all over the place.

I have had them all

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I got a chemical burn when working in a lab once. I’d take a few broken bones or a toothache over that any day.

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Heart break and neglect.

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Yes, @jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities burn pain is terrible too.

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I have had a shattered right hip and femur, a broken right ankle, my right leg broken in two places, each collarbone broken along with several ribs on each side, a broken wrist, knife wounds in both arms, and any number of cuts, contusions, abrasions and assorted other injuries. I have also had numerous kidney stones over the years. I would take any combination of my other pains and aches over kidney stones. Kidney stone pain is unrelenting and virtually unindurable.

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burns are a bitch! i forgot. even the tiniest ones. its amazing how much a spot the size of a pea can hurt!

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@CaptainHarley I believe you.
I once had sciatic pain so bad, that I was ready to chew my own leg off.

Kidney stones I have never had, and don’t ever want to.

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I had 3 children naturally, but for me the worst pain was my gall bladder attacks before it was finally taken out.

I live with chronic pain now, and that’s troublesome. Any pain level above a 3 just begins to take all your attention, making it hard to concentrate on what you need to get done.

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@Arp I agree with you on the Marathon Man movie! Dustin Hoffman was tortured by having his teeth drilled/pulled out if I remember correctly. Ouch.
But I do think having your heart broken is pretty bad.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Chemical burns are the worst!!! They burn and keep on burning for days!! I got lime under my fingernails for mixing cement without gloves and didn’t rinse it out. Huge mistake…by the time I felt the burn it was way too late.

I also work with chemicals and nothing like a good class 8 corrosive on the skin for a weekend of misery!

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For me it would be a toss up between a toothache and earache.

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Childbirth and lower back pain. At least while I was in labor, I knew I was getting a wonderful reward.

As a teen-ager, I had cavities filled pre-novocaine. The dentist provided a nurse in a starched uniform who held my hand and let me dig my fingernails into her palms.

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Having to watch Burn after reading.

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Labor and abscessed tooh

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@CaptainHarley Are you a superhero?

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LMAO @silverfly

Hardly! I was in special operations with the US Army for awhile, part of it in Vietnam, and became addicted to adrenalin highs. I jumped out of airplanes and helicopters, rapelled off cliffs, did crazy stuff on mountain bikes and motorcycles, etc.

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I’ve had three children with no epidurals, but the worst pain I’ve ever experienced was a slipped disc. I pretty much cried for weeks, and even Morphine didn’t touch it. The worst instant pain I’ve had is an orgasm migraine. The first time, I literally thought my head was exploding.

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1) Earache
2) Toothache
3) Backache
4) Kidney Stones
5) Migrain Headaches
6) Kick in the balls.

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I have heard that burn victims suffer unimaginably.

The worst physical pain I have experienced was labor during childbirth.

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Heamoroids (Resultaten 1 – 10 van circa 1.520 voor heamoroids (0,22 seconden) )
Heamaroids (Resultaten 1 – 10 van circa 565 voor heamaroids (0,20 seconden)).

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Roids? Not even top 10.

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For me:

1. Tooth pain – in particular, infection before antibiotics kick in
2. Back pain – every movement hurts
3. Burns – in particular the one I got from hot sugar, but the pain never seems to stop
4. The time I banged my foot against the coffee table four days after bunion surgery. Still had the pin in there. YEOW! I was very careful after that.

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Depression is the only thing that ever made me wish I was dead.

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@rebbel: Please tell me that that is Dutch and not a new form of English.

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I’ve been hit by a car, yet still the worst pain I’ve ever experienced is the psychological/emotional pain of depression.

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I have gone thru extreme mental distress, and deep depression, and I wouldn’t compare it to the living hell that is an earache.

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As a girl I have always wondered if balls are as sensitive as guys act. One hard knee to the balls sends them laying helplessly on their side, holding their privates and crying like a baby. As a person without balls, this fascinates me. Does it hurt as bad as it looks?

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Well, I’ve never been hit that hard in that area in order to elicit that kind of response, but I know that even being lightly hit there can be painful. It’s a pain that spreads down the nerves to other regions and causes pain in the whole general area. People have been known to throw up if kicked in the balls hard enough; it spreads to the abdominal region and causes pain there as well. Also, it isn’t really the initial pain that hurts that much. It starts hurting more after the impact and it can make you feel nauseous. I was in Coronado and a woman backed up into me in a line by accident and some part of her knocked me in that region, lightly, but still really hurt and I remember that it hurt more after the actual impact. It’s just incredibly sensitive.

Still, the pain of getting soap in my eye was way worse. (A big bit of Ivory soap lather just shot right into my open eye). I was basically crying in the shower… :( It lasted so long…

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The pain of losing a child has been the worst for me.

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That would certainly trump all other pain. My beloved wife lost her 15 year old daughter, from her first marriage, to brain cancer. It’s been years, and she still sometimes weeps. : ((

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@CaptainHarley Awesome. My life has been quite the opposite although I did skateboard for a couple years! Wouldn’t consider any of those falls at the top of my pain list though.

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I’ve been lucky enough to never experience toothache but I hear a lot of people say that’s the worst.

The worst pain I’ve personally experienced was when I fell and fractured a vertebra.

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It hurts a lot WORSE than it looks! I’ve seen grown men who wrestle for a living double over and cry like babies.

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Old thread is old, but I had to jump in because I unfortunately have a lot to offer to this discussion.

I think I must just have a ridiculously high pain tolerance because I’ve passed a few kidney stones, and while it was miserable, it wasn’t, like, the worst thing in the universe. I puked while passing one once, but… meh. Fun fact: I once slept through passing a kidney stone. That one was pretty small, though.

I have ulcerative colitis and when it’s active I sometimes get intestinal cramps that are ridiculously painful.

Then I had the pleasure of catching what we think was pleurisy earlier in the year which was miserable. For about a week breathing caused intense pain, as did lying down. I’m pretty sure I got about four hours of sleep that whole week.

But the winner goes to sepsis, which I had last June after an intravenous line got infected. That shit hurts. The first symptom was just horrible pain, mostly in my joints and especially my knees. Trying to walk felt like my knees were being crushed. Ughhh. I’m just lucky I survived that shit, honestly. >_>

Holy god I sound like such a medical case, sorry

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i’m not circumcised! when i was about 6 or 7 years old, my zipper zipped up the loose skin on the end of my penis! hot damn!

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Haven’t had much bad pain but I assume a severe toothache would be the worst followed by natural childbirth. guessing

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@Aster not in my experience.
There are things that are much more painful than natural childbirth.
A severe toothache can be one of them.

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@wilma Above: ”...but I assume a severe toothache would be the worst…....”

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@Aster As pain is relative it’s hard to qualify.
Childbirth pain is relative as well. Of my four birth experiences, three natural, one cesarean, the pain after the cesarean (without followup pain meds) was worse than the natural deliveries. One natural delivery was worse than the other two. I have had bad toothaches, none as bad as that or as bad as the nerve pain from my injured spine.

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@wilma ummm…well, please refer to my last comment!

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@BoBo1946 I’ll bet you were more careful zipping after that weren’t you? So sorry for your childhood trauma.

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ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….never to forget!

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13 years ago I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, which they discovered was Pan Colitis. I was (gross alert) passing free flowing & clots of blood from the tail pipe over 40 times a day/night. It took them ages to find a drug I wasn’t badly allergic to. By which time I had severe I wasn’t just hospitalized back then I’ve no idea! But I wasn’t! The pain was so bad even drinking water made it hurt loads worse & I wouldn’t have if my dad hadn’t encouraged me.
I’ve had slipped discs, sciatica, fractures & breaks on my feet, cracked ribs, a torn trap, nail beds removed, blocked thyroglossal duct in my neck operated on twice & a late circumcision when an adult (that was nasty). But none of them touch the pan colitis. I would rather eat a bullet, frankly, than ever have it get as painful as it was pre meds/steroids. Even now flare ups are excruciating and I’d rather hit the steroids early and forget the consequences before it gets to that level.
Man, I sound like a disaster lol! Sorry haha!

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@crapbag Welcome to Fluther! I have severe ulcerative colitis too (also pancolitis) and I couldn’t agree more, it is the PITS! I never responded to steroids or other medication, so I had to get my colon removed… but hey, at least that means no more colitis. Hope you stick around. :)

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