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"Been there,done that." Where exactly is it that you have been and what exactly is it that you have done?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20711points) March 11th, 2010

Are you one of those people who have actually been places and really done things?

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The question is a bit vague . . can you narrow down what you’re trying to find out?

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“My boyfriend broke up with me! I’m so sad!”
Been there, done that. Get over it.

Basically I say it when someone makes a big deal over nothing. Kind of like a long version of ””

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I am indeed a place goer and a thing doer.

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I am interested in genuine life experiences, strange events and the like.

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Are you talking about scuba diving the pacific reefs, driving a real Nascar Race car, snowbaording the Swiss Alps, eating raw fish and squid fresh from the ocean, being a responsible parent, sometimes a horrible mate. . . . among others – been there, done that.

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I have conquered my mind…experienced the throes of passion I never dreamed of…dove beneath the great oceans…experienced the joy of being a parent to great kids and still have my sense of humor…and I am just getting started.

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I had crushes on members of the basketball team in high school. They did not reciprocate. I have survived.

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I’ve been chased by a black bear and eaten crepes in France…I’m beginning my “been there done that” list

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@vanausdr , I ate crepes made by a british guy in the Alaskan wilderness…close enough? hahaha. I’m not mocing you or anything, I just really chereish that memory, and find it really funny, you just reminded me of it.

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I have travelled more than most people and tried more things that most have.

Of course, the average person travels very little and tries few things outside their comfort zone.

Financial constraints more than anything else have limited where I have been able to go and what I was able to try.

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Nowhere and nothing.

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Q: “Been there,done that.” Where exactly is it that you have been and what exactly is it that you have done?

A: There, and that.

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Married, cheated on and divorced.

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Sailing in New Zealand.

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Wherever, and whatever…

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Not only have I been there and done that, but I also bought the t-shirt, wore it out and gave it to the thrift store.


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Nothing interesting, I can assure you.

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I’ve been to the Middle East twice in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in the continuing “war on terror”.

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Hiked in Yosemite
Wild Animal Park in San Diego
Visited Old Faithful in Yellowstone
Camped out at Mt Rushmore
Camped in the Disneyland campground (good old days)
Rented a Condo on the Beach
Slept on the street in the Haight/Ashbury district
Survived Hurricane Floyd
Stayed at the Luxor
Spent two weeks on the road with three teen boys and a dog.
Went on a Whale Watching trip
Performed in the Magic Castle
Walked on a dormant volcano
Rode in a covered wagon during Nevada Days

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@Bluefreedom Wow, my list pales next to yours. Thank you.

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@YARNLADY. You’re welcome. Your list is excellent and sounds very fun.

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Here’s some more of mine:

Snorkeling in the Red Sea
Hot air ballooning
World War 2 biplane ride
canal boat driving in France and England
hitchhiking in Europe – met my husband that way
slept outside on the Champs de Mars near the Eiffel Tower
kissed Phil Ochs
hiked in the Canadian Rockies
parasailing in Mexico

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I am reading all your answers and making a bucket list! My life has been far too boring!

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